3 Entertainment Problems Control Play Solves in Bars and Restaurants

Entertainment has become much more important to the guest experience at bars and restaurants as of late. While very much willing to spend good money, today’s diners expect more for their dollar than just food and drink alone. This is largely why Eatertainment venues are quickly becoming the preferred destinations for nightlife, dates, and celebrating special events. Of course, a business doesn’t necessarily have to transform entirely into an Eatertainment concept to compete, but providing the right kind of entertainment in its space helps restaurants and bars stand out among a vast sea of competitors.

With our music video, custom playlist, and digital signage service built specifically for the food and beverage industry, Control Play helps bars and restaurants create the perfect atmosphere for their brand—providing that ‘wow’ factor as soon as guests walk in.

Here are just a few common problems a lot of bars and restaurants have, and what Control Play can do to solve them!

1. Problem: Unengaged Customers.

Solution: Provide relevant entertainment, scheduled for the right dayparts.

Believe it or not, it is possible to unglue people from their phones these days. One of the ways to do so is with the right entertainment! Control Play provides the best HD music videos, organized in hand-picked playlists to craft the right vibe for the venue and make it easy for you to do so as well.

Music videos are the most-viewed type of video on YouTube and are watched by 97 million Americans each month, according to Vevo. Their quick, stylistic format make them a perfect choice for TV screens in bars and restaurants because they match the music playing throughout the venue, catch people’s attention, and differentiate a brand experience from what every other place is playing—which is usually a muted network channel of some kind.

Not only is the format perfect for an entertaining guest experience, but our playlist experts will schedule your music and videos for you! The Playlist Team will ensure you have exactly what you need during different dayparts so that you’re always playing the right songs for the right people at the right time. We’ll discuss a general sense of what you’d like to play and at what times, and ensure that the music transitions perfectly throughout.

When the audio and video experience is tailored specifically to your guests, they’re far more likely to be engaged with the environment, rather than looking to their own source of entertainment such as the one in everyone’s pockets these days.

2. Problem: Repetitive, stale atmosphere

Solution: Keep things fresh with data-driven playlists and new music daily.

Hearing the same handful of songs every day is going to drive your customers and your staff crazy. Control Play’s innovative technology ensures that there’s always a fresh variety of music and videos playing in your venue, regardless of the playlists selected. The software automatically organizes the songs in each playlist so that you’ll never have to worry about annoying repetition or a boring atmosphere.

Not only is the software working to keep things fresh, our Playlist Team also works hard to ensure the newest releases are uploaded to the player as soon as possible. They keep up with the top billboard charts and current music trends so that you get to play the newest hits and hottest videos as soon as possible! New music is added daily and every song added is encoded with metadata that ensures it ends up in the right playlists for its genre/artist.

Control Play wants to make sure your business can give people that “I heard it here first” experience that excites them and far exceeds their expectations.

3. Problem: Ineffective Ads

Solution: Combine digital signage (infotainment) with music videos.

Are you having trouble upselling your latest cocktail creation? Do you wish your business had more followers on social media? Is there a lack of attendees at your special events? All those issues and more could be improved with the use of in-house digital advertising.

Control Play’s digital signage solution—what we call infotainment—is built right into the music video player, allowing for promotional material to be played when it matters most: when people’s eyes are on the screens! With people actively glancing at your TV screens to check out the fantastic music videos, our system seamlessly displays your infotainment. You, or someone from our team here, can schedule your digital ads to be played however often you’d like in 5-minute intervals.

Do you have someone who creates ads for your brand? Uploading that material is easy to do on our player. Need some ads made for your business? Call our Creative Team and have them produce the ads. Plus, the player itself already comes fully loaded with a ton of different templates you can use to quickly make eye-catching digital ads for your bar or restaurant.


Thinking about what’s playing on your TV screens, what vibe the music is setting for your guests, and how to perfect the audio/visual experience in your bar or restaurant will pay off with more engaged guests who want to come back again and again. Our system ensures that the vibe is always fresh and our digital signage is effective.

For more tips on strategizing your entertainment, check out this complete list of downloadable guides.

Kevin Avram

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