4 Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Restaurant Music

Building your restaurant’s atmosphere is a challenging but rewarding piece of the foodservice puzzle. The colors, the décor, the seating—it’s all there to provide a top-notch guest experience. At Control Play, we focus on the unique needs of our bar and restaurant subscribers to ensure the audio/visual elements of their guest experience exceed expectations every time.

Our goal is to “wow” your guests from the moment they walk in. Stunning HD music videos, custom playlists for each daypart, engaging digital signage displays—these are our mainstays that make the kind of impact we want for our subscribers. But that couldn’t come together as well as it does without the little things that make a big difference.

Let’s quickly run through some of the small details of our software/service and show you just how much work goes into crafting each and every one of our innovative video experiences.


Volume Control

Have you ever been watching TV at one volume and then suddenly jump as the commercials come on way louder than your program? I hate that feeling. The radio is guilty of it too, as are some of the other background music providers that don’t factor volume equalization into their product.

Our software is built to ensure that all volume levels are equalized, no matter what songs play. There will never be a moment when a song pops on so loudly that people jump out of their seats. Want the music to get louder as happy hour picks up? That’s easy to do with our system—you’re in control each step of the way—and it’ll amplify gradually and naturally to avoid any jarring experiences.


Transition Points

Every piece of content in our player—songs and videos—is reviewed extensively and edited as needed to ensure there’s never any dead air. Even music videos, which often have acting/story elements at the beginning and end, are programmed to only include the music parts so that the vibe continues to resonate throughout your venue consistently.

Beyond that, the smooth cross-fading allows for seamless switching from one song to the next, or even one playlist/genre to another. No hiccups, no pops, just smooth progression.

This means that you can schedule different genres/vibes for different dayparts without that jarring feeling that something’s drastically changed. Much like the gradual volume progression, amplifying the energy—or simmering it down—is easy and natural with our system.


Custom Playlists

Where other music services will give you a billion songs to sort through or press “shuffle” on, our team of professional Music Mixologists curate signature and custom playlists for you. These various playlists aren’t just easy to identify and schedule, they’re hand-made with restaurant and bar experiences in mind. Every song fits and flows into the next, and the software itself ensures that no song is ever repeated ad nauseum.

With well over fifty signature playlists to choose from, and the ability to create your own if desired, you can set the perfect vibe for your venue in an instant. Top 40, nostalgic throwbacks, hip-hop, classic rock—literally whatever you’ll need for your specific guests, we have it.

Don't feel like sorting through the playlists and scheduling them yourself? Not a problem! Control Play's Playlist Team will discuss your brand and guest experience with you and schedule the music for you. Let us take care of the music while you get back to what you do best.


New Music Daily

Our teams are always checking the charts for the latest hits to drop and reviewing music trends to know what people are listening to. They add new music to the player every day so your guests can hear it in your venue first!

Metadata is programed into every song that’s added so that our software can automatically include it into relative playlists. So, you won’t get the newest Taylor Swift song on your ‘80s rock playlist, but you’ll definitely get it in Top 40 and new pop lists.


And these are just some of the small details that contribute to Control Play’s big impact! (If you’re curious about other things Control Play does differently, click here)

With a professional team of music-enthusiasts crafting your guest experience through modern entertainment and technology, the little things Control Play does makes us a big step up from other music services. If you'd like to see the ins and outs of the system for yourself, we'd be happy to demonstrate it live for you:

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Kevin Avram

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