4 Reasons Why It Matters What Music You Play in Your Bar or Restaurant This Christmas

It’s Christmas time! Rather than putting on canned Christmas music, learn how a customized playlist with festive music can change the way your guests make decisions.

Two champagne glasses ready to bring in the New Year

It’s no secret that music had the ability to attract an audience – and keep them engaged. And that goes, too, for helping them feel festive around Christmas. Electing to add a Christmas rotation to your playlist can be a huge draw for your customers … and here’s how it can impact your business.

1. Customers stay longer

How many times have you been on a dancefloor of a club and thought, “I’ll go after just one more song…?” Probably quite a few. Music has that effect on people. It makes them want to stay to hear their favorite track as it inherently puts people in good moods.

2. Sets the tone for your establishment

Whether you’re the latest hip bar or a fine dining restaurant, music is instrumental (pun intended) to setting the tone at your establishment. The right music selection can set you apart from your competitors by adding that extra touch that marks you out above the rest.

3. Ambience

Every bar or restaurant needs to have an ambience. A buzzy atmosphere is one of the main reasons that people enjoy their time drinking or eating at an establishment. When the restaurant doors are first opened and very few clients are inside, music is a good way making sure that it’s not too quiet from the start of the evening.

4. Repeat visits

With an enjoyable atmosphere that music creates, there is a happy side result that customers are more likely to visit often. Repeat customers are a material driver in a business’ profits. Without repeat business, too much money is spent on advertising your enterprise for new clientele. By creating a unique atmosphere to your bar or restaurant, customers will return as well as encourage word-of-mouth visits.

Bars and restaurants that do not have a music license or that do not pay attention to how music can transform their establishment, are missing a huge opportunity. See how Control Play can make employing playlists an easy win for your business.



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