5 Easy Ways Sports Bars Can Maximize Football Season

This week marks the official start of football season! There’s no better time than now to take your sports bar’s entertainment to the next level.

Don’t fumble through the season. Check out these five easy tips to hike your revenue this fall:

  1. Create the Vibe Of course, the sport is the most important part of game-day, but for some fans it’s all about the atmosphere: great tunes, food, friends and fun. The ambience of your sports bar directly impacts the tone of the game. Make sure you start strong by playing upbeat tracks and music videos that pump-up your guests, and showing relevant and engaging content on your screens. An energized and fun vibe will encourage guests to stick around for the game and increase the chances that fans will come back and bring their friends for the next game.

  2. Offer Specials Offering game-day specials is a great way to enhance your pub’s vibe, increase food and beverage purchases and encourage your customers to come back for more. For example, during the game consider offering a discounted beverage to get guests in the door; an after the game appetizer deal could be just the thing to entice guests to stick around.

  3. Arrange Post-Game and Pre-Game Entertainment One of the best ways to increase your pub’s game-day revenue is by expanding your celebrations beyond game-time. Pre-and post-game entertainment, contests and specials start the fun early and keep it going long after the game to maximize your guest experience and increase their average spending.

  4. Engage and Promote Your Events on Social Media Your football fans will undoubtedly share their excitement about the game on social media. This is a great opportunity to engage with your customers and promote your specials and entertainment. Some ways to incorporate social media into your promotion plan are:

    • Post your game plans on social networking sites leading up to the game

    • Incorporate popular football-related hashtags to help target your posts on Twitter and Instagram

    • Create a hashtag that includes your sports bar’s name and host a Twitter contest for your guests during the game

    • Use Control Play’s FREE myJAM app to engage your guests and increase your social media marketing reach before and after the game

  5. Leverage Your TVs With Digital Signage Your televisions are your sports bar’s best friend on game-day. But your TV’s can do a lot more to support your bottom line than just play sports. To get the most out of your televisions on game-day:

    1. Place many TVs in visible places

    2. Opt for larger screens whenever possible

    3. Turn the volume way up! Big sound is a key ingredient to game-day success

    4. Incorporate digital signage to share targeted messages for your pub. For example, during commercials use your TV to promote your own specials and events

For more tips on how your bar or restaurant can make the most out of football season, check out our FREE After the Game guide.

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