5 Summer Crowds Worth Attracting to Your Bar or Restaurant

Summer is a lucrative season for the food and beverage industry. People are in search of pubs, patios, and places to gather with peers. Knowing who’s likely to come to your venue and why can help you prepare for delivering an excellent summertime guest experience that will ensure they continue to visit as the year moves on.

Today we’re looking at a few different types of crowds that are looking to quench their thirst and fill their tummies this summer, as well as how Control Play can help your business exceed their expectations every step of the way.

1. Sports Teams

sportteamSure, the New York Yankees might not roll into town any time soon, but all kinds of local, recreational sports teams are abundant in the summer. Whether they’ve come to celebrate a win or morn a loss, adult sports leagues want to come together and socialize after a game.

First thing to keep in mind—there will be large numbers. A baseball team, for example, may have 25 players or more depending on how their league is set up. Any kind of insight into when local games are being played can help prepare your staff and supplies for the sudden rush. But you can also be much more proactive by making use of digital signage advertisements. Using Control Play's system, you can offer after-the-game specials and urge guests to reserve their teams’ table in advance to take advantage of the deals.


2. Corporate/Office Parties

officepartyEveryone wants to get out of the office after a solid 8-9 hours of being cooped inside. So, if your venue has a patio to offer guests, build it up as the go-to spot for Friday night happy hour. Modernize your music and entertainment on the patio with proper outdoor TVs and music video displays that bring a fun, yet relaxing vibe while enjoying the sun.

Beyond the after-work happy hour crowd, there’s also opportunity to offer your services to places looking to throw their office party at your venue. Depending on how large the party, you may want to reserve a large section and block it off specifically for their night. Planning with the event organizer can give you opportunity to personalize the experience for them by displaying their company’s logo, and a welcoming message or two on your TV screens. (to find out more about our infotainment features, talk to a Control Play representative today!)


3. The College Crowd

collegestudentsSchool’s out for summer and the University students are in search of a new, off-campus, watering hole. Keep in mind that this crowd isn’t going to settle for an average food and drink experience—their expectations must be exceeded. Luckily, when they do find a place they love, they’re very inclined to become regulars.As a former academic myself, I can assure you that student discounts and specials are incredibly appealing in this stage of life.

Simple, yet valuable promotions make students feel welcome and lessen the financial worries that may come with spending money on a night out.

Beyond that, keeping up with the latest music and music videos will give your venue the competitive edge against other bars and restaurants. Control Play is constantly adding new music and crafting playlists that attract attention. You want your place to be seen as the hangout spot for their summer vacation—so, let us know what vibe you need to set to their tastes and we'll program that for you! Students will be much more inclined to seek out your business again and again when the atmosphere is specifically catered to them. 


4. Concert and Festival Goers

festivalgoersA lot of popular music festivals happen throughout the summer. People still need a place to go before and after these events, so find what ones are happening in your neighborhood and gear your promos and entertainment towards them.

“Show us your ticket and get 10% signature cocktails” or “Happy hour lasts until the concert begins” are fun shout-out promotions that align your business with the fun in the sun.

Make sure to schedule these digital signage ads well in advance so your venue is cemented in their minds as the place that they need to go to before or after the show.

If the big concerts/festivals aren’t happening close to your location, there’s no reason your guests can’t still enjoy the music they’d hear there. Control Play has set up our subscribers with three different “SummerFest” playlists—all hand curated to showcase the biggest and best names appearing at festivals from Bonnaroo to Coachella and everything in between. That way, bars and restaurants can still offer the sounds of summer right on their patio or indoors.


5. Passersby

passerbysUnless you’re in one of the few states that sees warm weather year-round, the summer sees way more foot-traffic than other seasons. While people are out on a walk, exploring the city, you’ve got a chance to entice them into your bar or restaurant.
Imagine walking by a venue and thinking, “wow, I haven’t heard this song in ages” and then looking onto the patio to see its music video playing as well. “I never saw the video for this song before!” You say, excitedly—then suddenly, an ad comes on the screen for about 30 seconds that lets you know they have a great deal on refreshing beer…Yep, it wasn’t on the route before this, but now you're sold. How can you say no to well-priced drinks and some of your favorite old tunes playing on the TVs on the patio on a sunny day?
Of course, that’s just one of the many scenarios that could be cooked up when using Control Play for your audio/video needs. Maybe you’re looking to attract a younger crowd to your bar? We add new music daily, so you can always stay modern and relevant. You could even give guests their first experience of hearing something new from their favorite artists. “Have you heard this song, yet? We heard it when we were at _____ the other day!”

However you want to engage and delight your guests, Control Play will help craft that experience. With a massive music and music video library, easy-to-use digital signage built into the system, and support from our professional business development execs, music mixologists, technical team, and creative team, we’ll give you that step up you’ve been looking for.

Kevin Avram

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