5 Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving Eve at Your Bar

Learn the tips to run a successful Thanksgiving Eve this year and many more.

Group of happy young people drink wine at party disco restaurant

Thanksgiving Eve is one of the biggest nights out of the year. It can make bars a huge profit – if done the right way and if your establishment is well-prepared and well-stocked. These are the top tips from the Control Play team: 

1. Hire an appropriate amount of staff

One of the easiest ways to get customers to return to your bar after the biggest bash of the year is to serve them quickly and efficiently. Don’t forget to schedule your staff well in advance so that you have enough hands-on deck on what should be one of the busiest nights of the year for your bar. And make sure they’re appropriately trained up. Throwing a new bartender into the mix isn’t only overwhelming for them; it can be frustrating for guests.

2. Offer festive freebies

While it may sound counterintuitive, it is important to remember that strategically offering freebies can actually increase your profit. The idea is that by increasing the foot traffic with the free offer, you’ll have an opportunity to sell more food and drinks to those individuals who came in as a result of the offer. More people spending more time and more money at your establishment means the cost of the free offer makes up for itself. Remember to bear this in mind when you are doing analysis after Thanksgiving Eve.    

3. Get the music videos set up

Music videos are an easy and perfect means of getting the ambience and atmosphere rolling in your bar from the get-go. Everyone uses music to help them have a good time – including that Thanksgiving Eve crowd. Take the time to build out a thoughtful playlist or tap into Control Play’s playlist-building service to ensure there are no dance duds on the rotation.

4. Advertise

There’s no doubt that word of mouth is an ideal way to get new customers to your establishment, but advertising is also key – even after the patrons are in the door. On-premise digital signage that calls out daily specials or upcoming events is vital. Consistent social media activity to communicate new offerings and specials – and Thanksgiving Eve events -- also offers an easy opportunity to enhance branding.

5. Charity collection

Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to make the most of people’s general good cheer and generosity, so set up a collection for a charity of your choice. Plus, by aligning yourself with a cause, it gives an opportunity to strengthen and deepen your bar’s brand even further.

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