6 Ideas for a Festive and Fun 4th of July Bar Crawl

Many American flags flapping in the wind together on a national holiday

If you’re planning to hold a 4th of July bar crawl at your pub or bar this Independence Day, you’re making a good business move. Hosting a local bar crawl can be an excellent way to increase your business and bring in a variety of guests, especially if you’re a bar located in a downtown area.

Keep reading to find out how your pub or bar can plan a successful 4th of July bar crawl complete with games, themes, playlists and more.

1. Partner Up with Local Bars

 If you’re looking for the easiest way to get business for a 4th of July bar crawl, contacting other local bars to partner up with will ensure you’ve got business rolling through the doors constantly. The business arrangement will benefit both you and the bars you partner up with—even if they’re one of your competitors, you’ll all end up raking in some serious profit.

2. Register Your Crawl

Make the crawl official by creating a website for customers to find details of the day and other participating locations. Include times, specials, t-shirts, activities and more that will entice guests to participate. Share the website on social media to build the hype around your event and encourage followers to share it, too.

3. Create T-Shirts

For whatever reason, one of the biggest drivers people participate in activities are to get a “free” t-shirt. Create a simple 4th of July or patriotic t-shirt with the names of participating bars and pubs listed on the back and offer the t-shirt to those that visit ever bar. Stock each bar with t-shirts and provide checklists for patrons to carry around and get stamped to verify each location. Once the card is filled, they can grab a t-shirt while supplies last to commemorate their experience. It’s a simple way to add a little extra to their experience and get you some free marketing every time they wear their shirt, too.

4. Organize Games

If you have an outdoor space or even a large indoor one, you’ll want to plan some activities to keep guests engaged. From beer pong to flip cup to cornhole and ladder golf—keep the activities fun and team-based.

If you have a large outdoor space, try adding in horseshoes or bocci to give guests an excuse to enjoy the weather, too. Do it tournament style and award prizes to the top three teams in each game to keep it competitive.

5. Deliver Themed Food and Drink 

The obvious choice here are hotdogs and hamburgers. A good old fashioned cookout is affordable, easy, delicious and a crowd pleaser. Serve up some cold, American-made brews and other patriotic, red, white and blue drinks like sangrias and punches. Keep things light, fruity and refreshing for this time of year and make sure you advertise specials prior to the event using social media and during the event using custom digital signage.

6. Play the Right Music

Nothing enhances a bar crawl more than the right playlists. Having the perfect background music is one of the most effective ways in getting a crowd to stay longer and enjoy their time more. Using hand-selected playlists curated by a team of people who are passionate about music will bring in repeat customers and increase revenue.

To learn more about curated playlists from our team of professionals and how it can enhance your bar’s experience, click the link below.

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