6 Things Control Play Does Different In Restaurant Background Music

Control Play is unlike any other entertainment service out there. The software itself is built specifically for the food and beverage industry and the people who serve our subscribers understand the particular needs of restaurants and bars. This means that our subscribers aren’t getting the same music/software that could be found just anywhere, like a dentist’s office or a mechanic’s garage—they’re getting quality programming made to enhance the guest experience in this exact business.

Of course, that’s not all that makes Control Play so unique, so today we want to get into a few interesting details. Here are half-a-dozen things Control Play does that makes a huge difference.

1. Consultation

When you subscribe to our service, one of the first things that will happen is a conversation between you and one of the professional music mixologists on our Playlist Team. While our Playlist Team is available to you for the entirety of your subscription, this initial meeting is an integral and exciting start to crafting the perfect environment for your venue(s).

During this process, we’ll get to know your business in order to fully cater the entertainment and atmosphere exactly to your brand.

2. Hand-Curated Playlists

Each playlist in the Control Play system is curated by real people to fit each respective theme. Energetic happy hours, easy-listening lunches, relaxing patio music—whatever it is you need, we make it easy for you to find in the player and schedule them for later or load right away.

Unlike most music services that make you do all the work of sifting through tons of music, our experts have done that work for you, and more. While Control Play has a massive library of songs that can be used to create your own playlists if desired, access to a wide array of pre-made, hand-curated, and themed playlists saves a lot of time and effort for subscribers.

Once you’ve found some playlists that you like, they can be used frequently while still keeping things fresh because they're updated automatically and arranged with metadata. With new music added daily and data-driven software that ensures your system isn’t playing the same things over and over, your patrons won’t ever get tired of the music.

3. Transitions and Volume Control

Your venue’s music should compliment your brand and guest experience—it should never be jarring or disruptive. That’s why our system ensures smooth transitions and volume equalization, no matter what genre or artist is being played next.

The player uses professional cross-fading, which makes each song progress into the next fluidly, even when changing themes of playlists or genres of songs. Sure, you’ll probably experience a dramatic tonal shift if you transition from Elton John to Lil Jon, but at the same time, it won't make you jump out of your seat or spill your drink. And when the volume is consistently set to the right level(s) for your venue and daypart, you don’t have to worry about startling your guests when the next song comes on.

4. Song and Playlist Ratings

Every song and playlist alike are rated for both energy level and content to ensure the right environment for our subscribers’ various brands.

The energy level rating not only considers beats-per-minute (BPM), but also the instruments, genre, and overall impact of a song. The reason for this is that not every song with a high BPM is high-energy, and conversely a song with a lower BPM may in fact have more energy behind it. Energy levels of songs range from 1 to 5, with one being the least energetic. This also helps our Playlist team in their curation efforts, as they’re able to slowly build the atmospheric energy of your dayparts up or down as desired.

Content ratings are also given to songs, music videos, and playlists to understand the “appropriateness” of each. They range from “All”, which is so squeaky clean your grandma would approve, to “Explicit”, and you might want to leave granny home for those ones. This makes it much easier for both our Playlist Team and our subscribers to quickly identify what playlists will work with particular crowds at what times.



We understand that bars and restaurants aren’t the same throughout the day and night. Different crowds visit during different dayparts and we want to ensure the entertainment is exactly right for those various times. Our player has a built-in scheduler that makes it easy to select different playlists to run throughout the day.

Access to our playlist team makes it even easier to do so, as they can schedule everything for you with a quick phone call, text chat, or email. Just let us know what you’d like to happen and when, then rest easy knowing it’s all been taken care of.

6. Our Guarantee

Control Play combines years of experience with hundreds of hours of real-world data, and we are confident that our system will not only exceed your expectations, but the expectations of your guests, as well. This is why we guarantee that you will never receive a complaint about the music playing in your venue. If you somehow do get a negative review on YELP—or similar website—that specifically complains about the music, your next month is free.


Simply put, Control Play is the most innovative music playlist and music video system for bars and restaurants. From your first consultation with the Playlist Team, to the reaction you’ll see in your guests, we work tirelessly to ensure the most modern, premium entertainment experience that fits your brand exactly.

Still have questions about the specifics? Check out our FAQ page here!

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