7 Signs Your Bar or Restaurant’s Music Service Isn’t Working Out

You wouldn’t let your restaurant’s bread to go stale, so why let the music? When something is off about the experience you’re providing for your guests, even beyond the food or service, it ripples throughout your business and impacts your bottom line.

It can be hard to identify exactly what’s going wrong with your venue’s background music, so here are seven issues with basic music streaming services that could be occurring.

1. There aren’t any ‘WOW’ moments

When done right, music has the ability to delight and excite your guests from the moment they walk in the door. Customized playlists that are geared directly to your chief demographic can elicit remarkable reactions from people—everything from, “I love this song” to “hey, this place is really cool!” and so on.


If there’s no reaction at the moment of their entrance, it should happen at some point during their stay, especially if it’s someone’s first visit. Your music shouldn’t just meet guests’ expectations, it should exceed them.

2. You aren’t seeing many recurring guest visits

Empty bar with blue and purple lightingPeople can run out and grab a bite to eat and drinks with friends anywhere in the city, but if your venue’s space is engaging enough to make an impact, they’ll want to make it their regular spot. A personalized touch to your atmosphere, playing the music your specific guests enjoy, makes them feel comfortable and in tune with your brand. Building up that brand loyalty is a principal technique in exponentially driving revenue.

3. Things don’t feel fresh

Have you been hearing the same song every time you come in? Are you trying to play pop music for a younger crowd, but haven’t heard anything past the year 2018?  Is there more variety on the radio during the drive home than there is in your venue?

It’s definitely time to change things up.

Even if you’re not playing the current chart-toppers of today, variety is immensely important to your playlists. There's definitely enough music out there that you shouldn’t be subjected to hearing the same things every day. Those guests who loved the music the first time they were in aren’t likely to continue enjoying this one-note atmosphere.

4. You’re doing all the work

Man at bar using a tabletAlright, so you do want to change things up and get some different tunes on your restaurant’s playlist. The problem now becomes how much time you're willing to spend keeping up with the charts, finding new music, building playlists, and scheduling them for the right time of day.
A professional business requires a professional service that builds playlists, strategically schedules them for dayparts, and keeps up with new music and current trends for you. There’s already enough on your plate.

5. There’s no support

AdobeStock_184566399If you had a technical issue or a general question about the music/software you’re using, do you feel good about calling your music provider for assistance?

Does your music service understand the specific needs of the food and beverage industry or do they provide the same service to you as they would a dentist’s office or car wash?

In a pinch, technical, creative, and playlist support really makes a difference.

6. People aren’t sticking around after their meal

Sometimes a quick table turnover can be a good thing, but often it’s far more lucrative to serve up one last round of drinks or some desserts to increase your average check size.


If people are enjoying themselves and really feeling the vibe of your space, they’re much more likely to stick around and spend that extra bit that can make a substantial difference. When people are jumping at the chance to run out the door, there’s definitely a problem.

7. They’ve locked you into a long-term contract

Too many streaming services that provide music/video to bars and restaurants will lock businesses in with a lengthy contract—sometimes five years or more. My heart really goes out to businesses that can’t get out of their long-term contract without paying a ridiculous fee.

Man looking at laptop while chained to documentsControl Play is subscription-based service, but it goes month to month. Need to cancel? Not that I think you would, but it's easy to do if you'd like. We’re confident in our service and don’t need to trick people into paying for something they don’t want.
If you’re experiencing any of these issues or have decided that your current provider simply isn’t cutting it, you need Control Play.

With stunning HD music videos accompanying our expertly hand-curated playlists, your venue's atmosphere will bring those WOW moments to your guest experience. It will exceed people’s expectations, making them comfortable enough to stay longer and excited to return often. Our innovative software adds new music daily, and automatically distributes the songs into appropriate playlists. Professional music mixologists work tirelessly to keep things fresh, build custom playlists at your request, and help with any issue you may encounter, technical or otherwise.

Tell us what you need by phone, chat, or email and let us do the work for you. We’re driven by our passion and our focus on WOWing guests with innovative video experiences.
See how it works!

Kevin Avram

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