A Playlist for Mother’s Day: 10 Songs for Mom

Mothers’ Day is the most profitable day of the year for restaurants, with U.S. consumers spending more than $21 Billion on celebrations—and it’s no surprise that going out for a meal is one of the most popular ways North Americans celebrate mom.

A playlist is a great way to set the scene and help your patrons honor the women who gave us life. From rappers to country crooners, and soulful songstress’ to rock and rollers, there’s an anthem for mom in every genre. Here are ten tracks to add to your restaurant’s playlist to help make this Mother’s Day extra special:

Madness – Our House

This 80’s classic pays homage to the hard working mother, with the lyrics recalling a childhood where mom kept order in the family, among other happy memories of days gone by.

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

The Motown legend penned this song in the mid-70's about the birth of his daughter, and the woman who brought her into this world.

Miranda Lambert – Mama’s Broken Heart
Sometimes mom doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Miranda Lambert’s country-rock song about mom basically telling her to “walk it off” is one that everyone can relate to.
Taylor Swift – The Best Day
Before Taylor was shaking it off, she performed this song about fond childhood memories with her mom. The video includes home movie footage of the Swifts, featuring Taylor spending “the best day” with mommy.
Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song
Carrie Underwood penned this track about cutting the apron strings and telling mommy dearest not to worry, that everything’s going to work out just fine.
Spice Girls – Mama
A classic look at the mother-daughter relationship: teenage adolescence and rebellion giving way to the realization that mom was right all along. This song may be from the late 90s, but the theme certainly hasn’t gone out of style.
Boyz II Men – A Song for Mama
A love song to mothers everywhere, as the Boyz credit their mothers as the “driving force” behind them, thanking mom for everything she’s done. 
Backstreet Boys – The Perfect Fan
The Backstreet Boys know that the one fan who will always cheer for you is good ol’ mom. 
2 Pac – Dear Mama
An adult Tupac Shakur looks back on his childhood and stands in awe of how his mother managed to do it all. 
Danzig – Mother
The Misfits founder performed this alternative look at moms, warning them to not let their children “walk my way.” A 90’s classic for that rockin’ mom in your life.

From all of us at Control Play, thank you to all the mamas out there;



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