Are Music Videos Right For Your Business?

Do you think music videos aren't for your bar or restaurant?

You might be thinking, “We’re beer, wings and sports. We’re not a nightclub”. There is a misconception that music videos are for clubs only. Holding on to this myth could be costing you money.

If you want to increase engagement, elevate customer experience and increase revenues then a system like the Control Play Music, Music Video and Digital Signage system for restaurants can be an effective solution. Let's find out if it would work for you and your business by asking three simple questions.

1. Are Your TV's Generating an Income For You?

Most bars and restaurants tune their televisions in to the current game or news program and don't maximize the investment in technology that they have spent installing all that technology. There's an incredible opportunity to utilize this technology for digital messaging.

However, not just any digital messaging will give you the best response.  Neuro-Insight, a marketing research company that specializes in using brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds concluded that people feel a more intense emotional connection to music videos. Ads played alongside music videos achieved a long term memory encoding.

If you are not utilizing digital messaging as part of your in venue marketing, download Utilizing Your TV’s to Generate More Revenue


2. Who is Your Customer?

FemalesMost bars and restaurants understand the benefit of attracting the female customer. However, what they struggle with is just how to get more of them through the door. Music videos are a great way to tap into this audience. The research shows that 52% of the females on YouTube watch music videos with the vast majority of those females falling in the age range of 18-34.

MillenialsOften considered the next best customer to have in a bar or restaurant, Millenials are a demographic with specific needs. A recent Vevo study concluded that the Millennial is a powerful demographic to engage. However, due to their specific needs, you will want to engage them in ways that they identify with and are attracted to. For example, Millenials prefer an experience that includes sight, sound and motion. Utilization of music video as part of your brand entertainment experience will specifically target this demographic.  Is your brand experience in tune with the consuming Millennials?


3. Are You Utilizing Theme Nights?

Theme nights don't have to be a lot of work and can dramatically increase the number of "regulars" you see in your business. Restaurant and bar patrons need a reason to come in more than once in a while. To make your theme nights less work and effort and to expand the types of themes, use music videos. Music videos allow you to create theme nights that include Hot Country, Retro 80’s, 80’s Rock, 90’s Rock, 2K, Ladies Night, Pre Game Tailgate. These are just a few themes experiences that are commonly elevated with music video content.

The music video content in your playlist can visually impact your décor or take your customer to another time or mindset. Great music, crazy fashions and simpler times can be a successful part of your entertainment presentation. Make it as simple or as complex as you choose. How about St Patricks Day, the Holiday Season, New Years Eve or Cinco De Mayo?

If you have decided that you want to maximize your income, want to attract more females and Millenials into your business and love the idea of increasing your loyal customer base then you may want to consider a system like Control Play.


Control Play is a music, music video and digital signage service designed specifically for restaurants, bars and hospitality businesses. Their easy to use cloud based software combined with the largest library of high quality content selected specifically for restaurants, bars and hospitality businesses has made it the fastest growing service for proactive business owners looking to grow their revenues.


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