Are Music Videos Right For Your Business?


There's this misconception that music videos are for clubs only. You might be thinking, “we’re beer, wings and sports—we’re not a nightclub!” But holding on to this myth could be costing you money. 

Restaurant music and video services do a lot more for business than you may realize. If you want to increase engagement, elevate customer experience, and increase revenue, then Control Play can help. 

But first, let's find out if it would work for you and your business by asking three simple questions.

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1. Are Your TV's Generating Income For You?

Most bars and restaurants tune their televisions in to the current game or news program and don't maximize their investment—even after spending all that money and time installing the technology. There's an incredibly lucrative opportunity, however, to use this technology for digital messaging as well.

Not just any digital messaging will give you the best response, though.  Neuro-Insighta marketing research company that specializes in using brain-imaging technology—concluded that people feel a more intense emotional connection to music videos. People also remembered ads that played alongside these music videos much more than others.

If you're not using digital messaging as part of your venue's marketing, but are interested in how to get started, you can download: Utilizing Your TV’s to Generate More Revenue


2. Who Is Your Customer?

Joseph Patel, the VP of Original Content at Vevo, told Refinery29 that "Music videos are more prolific now than they've ever been in the history of mankind." 

And here I was thinking they died back when MTV cancelled Beavis and Butt-Head  :P

But it's true! Young people are still very much engaged with music videos these days, in fact, the top 30 most-viewed videos on YouTube are all music videos! 

If your location attracts a wide variety of patrons, then you'll probably need different audio/visual experiences to suit their different preferences throughout the day—don't worry, Control Play has that covered too! 


3. Do You Have Theme Nights?

Theme nights don't have to be a lot of work and can increase your business in surprising ways. To make them less work and to creatively expand the types of themes, use music videos!

Music videos allow you to create theme nights like Hot Country, Retro 80’s, Award Show Celebrations, Ladies' Night, and so many more. 

The video content in your playlist can impact your décor or take your customer to another time or mindset. Great music, crazy fashions, or just "remembering simpler times" can be a successful part of your entertainment presentation.

Make it as basic or as complex as you want! How about St.Patrick's Day, Valentine's, New Years Eve or even Mardi Gras?


If you've taken the time to consider these questions and feel that music videos are right for you, we want to help! Maximize your income, attract the right demographic for your business, and increase your loyal customer base with Control Play:

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