The Benefits of Remotely Managing Music and Entertainment at Bars and Restaurants

We previously wrote about the benefits of brand consistency in the hospitality industry, but now it’s time to get into the specifics. Control Play’s service provides you with authority over all aspects of your restaurant or bar’s entertainment. From genre and playlist curation to restrictions based on user type, and so much more, our system allows for unparalleled control. Here, we’ll go into the whys and hows of remotely managing your venue’s entertainment. 

Staff access and control

Creating a consistent guest experience is crucial to any brand, especially if you’re managing multiple locations. Your guests get a sense of reliability and satisfaction when a feeling of consistency is crafted into the experience. Audio/video elements of your business are no different than the décor, menu items, and similar aspects that make your brand stand out and be memorable. 

But what happens when, say, an employee doesn’t like the music you’ve established for your space? Maybe you’ve created a modern atmosphere that plays today’s greatest hits for the nighttime crowd of young spenders, but ol’ Jeff here only listens to Norwegian death metal and changes the station as soon as he can. Suddenly, patrons are confused, put-off, and ready to head to a different place as soon as possible. Not cool, Jeff. 

Sure, that’s an exaggerated example, but the point remains the same: your entertainment is specifically geared towards the tastes of your guests, not your staff. No one needs to interfere with your ambiance, no matter what conflicting opinions they may have. 

That can’t happen when you use Control Play. On our player, the “Restricted Access” button allows you to regulate control based on user type, as seen here:

Control Play player screen showing restricted access options

You might decide that the GM can have access, or perhaps you should be the only one able to set the music for all locations by yourself. You can allow full or restricted access for any number of employees if you wish by setting passwords in this feature. 

Scheduling and dayparts

You know the optimal hours for your bar or restaurant, you know your demographics and how to market to them—so, you should be the one picking what music plays when, and at what volumes. 

All it takes with Control Play is a quick phone call or email and our team of expert Music Mixologists makes sure the right vibes are set for the right times. Need a quiet, calm lunch followed by a ramped-up energetic happy hour? We’ll happily set that up for you, right down to the smallest detail you can think of. After all, the little things make a big difference!

But the music isn’t the only thing we’re able to take off your plate. Your digital signage advertisements can also appear whenever you want, right down to the minute. 

Of course, you don’t have to use our team for any of this if you don’t want to. Our intuitive system makes it easy to schedule playlists, volume, and advertisements yourself. And with support available from 9 am to 1 am on weekdays and 3 am on weekends, you’ll never be left confused. 

Manage your media from anywhere, anytime

The ability to access the player from any browser that’s available means you’ll always have access to your locations’ entertainment and infotainment, no matter where in the world you are. 

Some subscribers prefer to have the Control Play computer off the floor and out of the way, tucked in the back somewhere. It’s a pretty easy way to restrict access to the player and you’ll still be able to change anything you want on the fly from your own browser. 

Plus, your players can be synced to each other in order to manage the media across all locations at one time. Keep your brand’s vibe consistent in every location to guarantee your guests the exact experience they’re seeking out from your venue. 


Control Play is highly focused on helping you exceed the expectations of your guests with innovative audio/video experiences. We work with you to ensure your brand’s vibe maintains its consistency throughout however many locations you own and operate. With the ability to be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like, our service makes it easy to schedule, manage, and restrict access to your bar or restaurant’s music, entertainment, and digital signage. 

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