Build Brand Awareness with Digital Signage

Increasing consumer consciousness regarding your brand—aka, brand awareness—is a key factor in driving recurring guest visits, differentiating your business from the competition, and building brand loyalty within your patrons.

Perhaps the most extreme example of brand awareness can be found in people’s everyday speech that’s conformed to company names. People will ask for a Kleenex, order a Coke, or even Google something when they need information. Tissues and soda have been so widely associated with brands for so long that calling them by the brand name is commonplace—more recently, Google has become a verb in our modern vernacular! This is called a “proprietary eponym” and it may arguable go beyond brand awareness, in that it’s more ingrained into culture than consciously recalled.

You’re probably not aiming to reach that far with your branding, but consider the following:

How responsive to your brand are your potential and current customers? Is your business resonating with them enough to recommend you outright to their family and friends? Do they engage with your social media pages and/or leave positive reviews online? What are you doing in-house to cement your brand in their minds?

The idea of cementing your brand in the collective consciousness of your customers/community is basically what you want to keep in mind for successful brand awareness. In a sense, that’s what marketing in general is all about—keeping your brand’s message locked in your prospective consumers’ minds. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on in-house promotions and various approaches to “infotainment”—digital signage displays that are both entertaining and informing of your brand.

Because we’re focusing on the food and beverage industry, it’s important to note that when I speak of “digital signage,” I’m not talking about digital menu boards, I’m talking about advertising and promotions. Whether you’re promoting events, social media pages, or special featured items/deals, modern, digital displays are incredibly effective.

According to a study by Arbitron and Edison Research, 71% of people said that they felt public advertising on a digital display stands out more than online ads—with almost half (46%) of them saying they stand out more than network TV ads!

If you’re not currently using digital signage promotions in your bar or restaurant, there are many other reasons and statistics that explain why you should. It doesn’t have to be an expensive new venture, either. You can easily leverage your existing digital real estate—your in-house TVs—with Control Play’s easy-to-use infotainment system.


Regardless of how you choose to go about incorporating digital signage, however, let’s take a look at 3 important factors when using these promotions to further brand awareness.

1. Focus

Understand who you’re targeting with your ads and why. Are you marketing to millennials or another general age group? Business lunching professionals? Families with young children?

Knowing as much about the group you’re targeting and focusing in on their desires helps you personalize the messaging as much as possible. The more you can make the ad sound like it’s directly for them, the more engaged your audience will be.

2. Consistency and Repetition

Make sure that each ad follows your brand guidelines for colors, logo positioning, and messaging. Repetition and consistency go hand in hand with memory. Understandably, repeating a message will cement it in peoples’ minds. Schedule your ads to display on rotation at least a few times during their visit so that there’s more chance to see it and remember it…Repetition helps with memory. Remember that.

3. Think Outside the Box

Digital signage can be used to promote a large number of things, not just specials or discounts. Social media pages, for example, are a fantastic way to further the efforts of brand awareness, but it won’t do any good without followers. A flashy, quick reminder to “Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Grinder” while guests are already in the establishment enjoying themselves will bring them to you then and there, rather than hoping they’ll go home and look you up unprompted.

You may even consider combining a coupon effort with the social media promo. “Follow us on <whichever site> today and get 5% off your meal!” That kind of thing.


Of course, these are but a few important factors when considering utilizing digital signage for brand awareness. A subscription to Control Play not only gives you the tools to create your own infotainment promotions, but also puts you in contact with our Creative Marketing Team who can create custom content for your venue to your specifications.

Find out what more about this innovative system by talking with one of our Business Development Executives today!

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