Control Play On Foodable: How Background Music Impacts Guest Experience

If you know anything about Control Play, you know that we’re obsessed with music and its ability to impact guest experience when done right. So, when Foodable asked for our thoughts on background music and music videos for restaurants and bars, we sent our Chief Playlist Officer Adam Melrose to answer some great questions.

When asked about the importance of music for restaurants, Melrose said, “We spend so much time thinking about the color of the walls, the finish of the tables, to what kind of leather we’re using in the banquettes—music always takes the back seat. And it’s the people who really understand that it needs to be a part of that experience […] that know how to set proper moods and atmospheres.”

Creating effective ambiance for your brand is a lot of work that requires close attention to detail—so it’s understandable when something like music gets overlooked. Really, that’s a big reason Control Play exists—to take that headache away from owners and managers. We craft custom music and video playlists based on your specifications so that your restaurant music and/or music videos are a perfect fit.

Melrose also points out a huge benefit to having music videos in your restaurant that you may not realize. “Once the videos are part of the experience,” he explains, “people are staying longer and that equates to another drink or another shareable or just longer stay time—which only increases how much money they’re going to spend while there.”

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