Digital Signage in Your Music Video System?

Is digital signage and infotainment incorporated into the music video system for your bar? The reality is that digital signage in bars and restaurants is not an "if", it’s a "when."

Study after study has proven that digital signage improves your customer experience and has significant abilities to increase sales. The challenge is keeping your content current, relevant and entertaining or “Feeding the Beast”.

Our approach is to use a music video service for your bar on selected screens to engage and entertain while influencing customers with integrated digital signage.

Creating your digital signage content is no different than selecting your menu items. It has to satisfy your customer’s needs. Are sports schedules and news relevant? Are your customers interested in pregame and post game food specials? Let's make it happen!

If your "when" is now, the Effective Digital Signage in Bars and Restaurants whitepaper is a great tool to start planning your digital signage strategy. 

Control Play specializes in creating effective music video and digital signage services for bars and restaurants. 

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Creative Services Team

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