Have You Upgraded Your Bar or Restaurant to Music Video Yet?

Music videos are far from a dying medium—in fact, they’re more popular now than ever. According to stats from Vevo, the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, each month sees 25 billion music video views from their service alone. Wikipedia shows that 94% of the top 30 most-viewed videos on YouTube are all music videos. 

So, what does this mean for the food and beverage industry?

It means there’s a shift in what people expect from their entertainment and environments. Especially when marketing to millennials—a demographic that largely values experiences over products—playing videos in your venue could be that one extra step that will differentiate your brand from your competition. Walking into a bar or restaurant that isn’t wasting their TV screens with muted sports commentators or random commercials is not only a pleasant surprise, it’s the foundation for a complete sensory experience

In our ongoing mission to enhance the guest experience in the hospitality industry, we’ll be diving deep into the titular question: “Have you upgraded your bar or restaurant to music video yet?” We’ll lay out exactly why the popularity of music videos means opportunity for your business, and how you can upgrade your venue by incorporating this innovative entertainment solution. 


Isn’t background music enough?

If your goal is only to meet guest expectations, then yes, playing whatever background music you deem appropriate will do that—providing you’ve paid the music licensing fees to all applicable Performance Rights Organizations (PROs). But if you want to exceed your guests’ expectations, you need to take things a step further. 

Even the addition of personalized playlists boosts your atmosphere—and by that, I mean music that isn’t just the radio, but a mix catered to your target demographic and brand. When it’s not taking a backseat to all the other aspects you’re busy focusing on, good background music impacts guest experience in rewarding and profitable ways. It establishes your ambiance, draws people in, and can liven up or simmer down the crowd when used strategically. 

The question then becomes, why not take it further? Why wait to upgrade to an audio/video experience that’s really remarkable? Music videos bring it all together, and you can get them today. 


Give your guests what they want

When looking further into the statistics by Vevo touched upon earlier, we can examine some noteworthy insights. We already saw that there are billions of music video views each month, but they also state that 400 million people are watching them. 

This means that, statistically, your customers are already consuming this content. Adding it to your guest experience not only delivers what they want, it encourages more engagement with your space. Today, you’re not only competing with other restaurants, you’re competing with technology—namely, the dreaded smartphone!

Want to unglue faces from phones? Stop wasting your TVs and play what they want to see. 

Just over half of Vevo’s music video views are on mobile—which means people are accustomed to seeing them on small screens. Big, HD displays with quality videos on your walls increases the quality of the entertainment your guests enjoy and encourages them to subconsciously connect your brand with that elevated experience. 

But there are many other benefits that come with a music video service. With Control Play’s all-in-one music video, playlist, and digital signage software, you’ll be able to:

1. Combine the sights and sounds of your venue to create a united, customized audio/video experience to your patrons that truly reflects your brand. 

2. Keep your atmosphere and brand experience consistent throughout multiple locations. 

3. Eliminate the possibility of competitors’ ads playing in your space during commercial breaks on network television. 

4. Integrate digital signage in your music video system for an effective method of advertising (display your ads during or between videos while eyes are on the screens!).

5. Have something engaging on your screens before and after the game, if your venue plays sports.

6. Access the newest high-definition music videos available as they’re released.

And that’s without even mentioning our unparalleled meta-data attached to each song in our ever-growing, expansive library—or the fact that Control Play’s fast and friendly support staff can help you out with everything from tech support to playlist creation, and more. 

Control Play wants your venue to exceed your customers’ expectations when they walk through the door. We believe providing our innovative audio/video service in the food and beverage industry is how restaurants and bars can differentiate, personalize, and modernize their guest experience. 

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