Pro Tips for Hosting a Spooktacular Halloween Event at Your Bar

Halloween 2017

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get some extra footfall into your bar by hosting a spooktacular party. Read our tips below so that the ghouls and gals will be flocking to your bar for a night full of spirits, contests and food.

1. Themed Drinks 

Halloween is the ideal time to create some themed or signature drinks. They can help to make your bar stand out from the crowd. To do so with the optimum effect, think about your clientele and decide from there what type of drink would be most appealing and therefore most lucrative to you. Perhaps your clientele would prefer something classic and chic - like an Aperol spritz with a ghoulish title. Or maybe your customers would more likely order a drink that is novelty and fun, like a pitcher of highly colored orange cider.

2. Costume Competition

 No Halloween celebration would be complete without your customers dressing up. So why not throw a costume competition to encourage people to go all out when they visit your bar. It will help make your bar talk of the town - not to mention get more people through the door. To increase the competition’s money-making power, offer a prize that is easy and inexpensive to fund - like free bar snacks all night. It will help get even more people involved.

3. Ghoulish and Spooky Decorations

If you are throwing a Halloween themed party, with employees and guests alike dressing up, your bar needs to look the part too. For Halloween, do not hold back. Also ensure that you put as much thought and time into buying decorations as possible. There’s nothing worse than a half-hearted attempt at decorating.

4.  Special Offers

Another way to ensure that your bar is at headcount capacity on Halloween is to offer some special deals. However, it is important to do your numbers first to make sure that you will still keep your profits high by exploiting margins wherever you can. The ultimate aim of deals is to increase your bottom line in addition to sales. Ideas like two for one on bar snacks are great, but only if they end up improving your overall profitability.

5. Social Media

Start advertising your night well before the actual day. It will help create a crowd pulling buzz. A great way to do this is on social media with an associated hashtag where your followers can get on the bandwagon and help promote your evening and bar too. Maybe post pictures of pumpkins with an appropriate hashtag asking people to repost so that they have a chance of winning some drinks. This is an easy way to get interest in your bar at an all-time high.

6. Music

Finally, no Halloween evening is complete without a relevant playlist. Use an existing themed playlist, work with our on-demand music mixology team or roll up your sleeves and get into the ghoulish mood by putting together a custom creepy line-up to help create the ultimate atmosphere. Classics like Michael Jackson’s Thriller are a perfect place to start.

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