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Guest experience is everything in the food and beverage industry today. Expectations regarding that experience are also higher than ever. To come out on top in this intensely competitive industry, bars and restaurants cannot rely on their product alone. Study after study, article after article, the conversation in this business is intensely focused on the subject of how to enhance the guest experience, with the goal of driving more foot traffic and recurring visits to increase revenue.

Today, this is no easy task. It used to be that restaurants and bars were basically just competing with each other in a relatively close space. Now, the same businesses are competing with takeout and delivery apps, the ease of staying at home and binge-watching Netflix, and even alcohol delivery on top of all the regular competitors like themselves—of which there are many today.

What’s become more and more apparent is the need to consistently exceed customer expectations in-house in order to compete. If you can differentiate yourself enough to make a real impact on people from the moment they walk in, to the moment they leave, your chances of success are substantially greater. The food/drink is still a mainstay, yes, but the service, entertainment, and atmosphere is just as important to the guest experience, if not more so.

It’s our belief at Control Play that keeping the guest experience fresh and modern is integral to success in the food and beverage industry today. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing the most innovative video experiences to enhance venues’ atmospheres and bring a “wow factor” to the guest experience of every subscriber we serve.

I’d like to now take you through 3 exciting ways Control Play can keep things fresh for your guest experience.

1. Modern Entertainment Your Customers Want

Instead of wasting your venue’s TVs by playing the same network channels that are on everywhere else, we’ll provide you with the best HD music videos available. With our massive library spanning multiple genres and decades of music, your guests will be more engaged with the environment than ever.

How do we know this? The statistics speak for themselves.

When looking at the list of the most popular videos on YouTube, you’ll see that 28/30 of them are music videos—the medium is possibly more popular than it ever was!

Additionally, the largest producer of music videos, Vevo, released their viewership findings and the numbers are impressive. 97 million people in the US watch their music videos monthly. In fact, Vevo’s total user time spent watching monthly is 1.1 billion hours!

Your customers are already consuming this form of entertainment—why not deliver it to them as a part of your brand's guest experience as well? With Control Play's music video service, it’s easy to differentiate your brand and stand out as a “go-to” spot for people who want a fuller experience from their night out.

2. Professional Music Mixologists

Crafting the perfect vibe for bars and restaurants is our passion—we’re not going to dump a load of music and videos in your lap and say goodbye. Our team of professional music mixologists will work with you to create music and video playlists that fit your brand and even schedule them to fit your dayparts.

We understand that your business isn’t the same at lunch as it is during happy hour, dinner, or after hours. Whatever shifts in energy, genre, tone, etc. that you need, the Playlist Team will make it happen at the right time with smooth transitions that flow naturally between songs and playlists.

This team also works tirelessly each day to keep up with the current billboard charts and popular music trends in order to ensure your soundscape is as modern as possible. We want your guests to hear the newest songs from their favorite artists while they’re in your venue! Now that’s an experience they’ll remember.

But maybe your particular patrons don’t want to hear new music—maybe they dig on the ‘80s or ‘90s nostalgia, maybe they like music from even further back than that? This team also builds dynamic playlists from much earlier decades as well, so you can deliver the right entertainment to the right people at the right time. We thrive on catering to your crowd and making them more than happy to stick around for an extra drink or menu item.

3. Data-driven Playlists

Our Playlist team doesn’t do what they do alone, the software itself is one of the most innovative pieces of music and video streaming technology available in the industry. Each song is encrypted with metadata that informs the system of which playlists it fits into while also displaying information to users about its content. With a quick glance, you can tell how energetic the song is and if it contains any subject matter that could be deemed inappropriate for certain crowds.

On top of that, this data-driven system also ensures that you’re not playing the same few songs over and over again, annoying your customers and staff. The tech features the best options for volume equalization and cross-fade transitions, and even has an offline mode so that the music keeps playing just in case your internet suddenly cuts out.

Control Play’s Development Team is constantly working on new ways to make the system better, easier to use, and cater even more to the specific needs of bars and restaurants.

Control Play understands how the entertainment and atmosphere of bars and restaurants impacts their guest experience, and therefore their bottom line. We exist to enhance guest experiences with the most innovative video service built specifically for this industry. Upgrading venues with HD music videos and digital signage, hand-curating targeted playlists, scheduling your entertainment for dayparting, developing and updating our software, and providing access to teams of professionals who are dedicated to perfecting the distinct look/sound for particular brands—those are just a few of the ways we help our subscribers exceed the expectations of their guests.

If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting, contemporary system, why not see how it works for yourself? Book a time with one of our Business Development Executives and get a live demonstration of how we can enhance your guest experience and drive recurring guest visits through your doors:

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