How In-House Entertainment Helps Tell Your Brand Story

Storytelling is deeply ingrained in us as humans. It’s how we come to understand the more complicated aspects of our existence. It’s what connects us to others and even lets us vent our stress at the end of the day. Telling stories is an integral part of making someone care, making someone remember.

Indeed, it’s been said that stories are remembered up to 22 times more than just facts alone. They’re intriguing, persuasive, and they shape perceptions of the world around us.

So, what story is your brand telling? And how are you telling it?

In the food and beverage industry, stories are often told solely through the menu items. Restaurants and bars express a lot of their culture and personality from the dishes and cocktails served—as they should!

However, there are so many more aspects of a dining experience that can be used to tell these stories and connect guests to your brand. The décor, the service, the website—all avenues to explore and enhance creatively. But one area that makes a huge impression on people immediately, and lasts throughout their time in your venue, is the atmosphere.

Control Play specializes in creating the perfect audio/video experiences for bars and restaurants, enhancing their atmosphere and catering the vibe to fit the brand. We work exclusively in this particular industry because we’re highly focused on the unique needs of businesses in this competitive space. Venues that are looking to differentiate themselves and modernize their guest experience beyond the menu choose Control Play for its customizable, easy-to-use software and access to music-loving professionals who tailor the entertainment to their brand.

Our Business Development Executives have helped thousands of restaurants and bars upgrade their in-house entertainment in ways that fit their stories. They’ll make sure that our service is the right fit for your business before you even subscribe. A live demo of the software and full explanation of the service will inform you of everything we can do for your brand and inform us of the work that's ahead!

When you're ready to subscribe, the process really starts with a consultation between you and an expert from our Playlist Team—a professional music mixologist who helps craft brand experiences through entertainment. They’ll get to know you and your business through a series of questions about your target demographic, venue space, menu items, brand culture, and more.

After getting a sense of who you are and what your brand is, they begin collecting and scheduling data-driven playlists according to the changes in your dayparts. We understand that bars and restaurants see different people come and go throughout the day, and the music and videos need to be strategically suited to their wants.

Are you a fast-paced, contemporary bar that needs the newest music videos on your screens as soon as they’re released? We’re more than happy to provide. Maybe you’re a casual-dining restaurant that sees an older lunch crowd, but younger people visit more often for happy hour, which needs to ramp up the energy? The team programs the playlists into your system and the software smoothly transitions every song to naturally flow through dayparts.

Whatever the case may be, with Control Play’s massive library of music videos, handmade playlists, and unparalleled customer service, assembling the sights and sounds you want your brand to convey is easy and incredibly rewarding.

But it doesn’t end there.

We also understand that an atmosphere needs to remain fresh at all times. While brand consistency is incredibly important, you don’t want to be consistently playing the same 5 songs over and over again. So, new music is added to the player daily and our innovative software ensures that songs aren’t randomly repeated.

Of course, Control Play isn’t just about music playlists and music videos—we also have a wide variety of digital signage options that can be customized or built for you to your exact specifications. Promote daily specials, invite guests to events, attract people to your social media pages—whatever messages you need to get across, we will work to make it happen for you.

Our stunning array of digital displays can also be scheduled easily from within the player itself, or just ask one of our team members to schedule it for you—with an email, text chat, or call—and it’ll be done right then and there.

With the most innovative music video entertainment system for bars and restaurants, you’ll be able to further your brand’s story through sights and sounds that connect with your target demographic and delight them beyond their expectations.

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Kevin Avram

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