How Nacho Daddy's Guest Experience Is Exceeding Expectations

“Our name can come off whimsical, and some guests don’t take us very seriously right off the bat,” says Christina Vino, Director of Marketing for Nacho Daddy, “However, once they’re in the door, we wow guests with our fresh ingredients, fun atmosphere, and memorable guest experiences.”

I reached out to Christina shortly after visiting Nacho Daddy for myself because I knew there was a lot to learn here about guest experience with an impact. She was right. I was definitely wowed.

When I visited this restaurant on the Vegas strip, Nacho Daddy drew my friends and me in before we even walked through the door. The music playing outside was exciting yet familiar—I’m talkin’ a mix of modern vibes and a bunch of classics that brought the nostalgia factor, too. 

Then we walked in and were immediately greeted by a friendly host who took care of us right away. We sat in a comfy booth that actually felt semi-private, considering how big the venue is and how busy they were. After cracking some jokes with our server, we got some drinks and a nice helping of nachos and loaded queso cheese—trust me on the queso, it’s amazing.    

Couple having drinks at Nacho Daddy with music videos playing in background

“We also have a top-notch staff at the heart of Nacho Daddy,” says Vino. “Without them, it would be hard to provide the WOW experiences that we do!”

And this is so true of the hospitality industry. At the time of visiting, I was in Vegas attending the 2019 Nightclub & Bar Show. This is where a lot of leading professionals give seminars, workshops, and conferences, and two main points were often repeated by the speakers there: 

1. You staff is your brand. Hire people who are motivated, willing to adapt, and a right fit for your company’s culture. 

2. Nothing is more important than the guests’ experience. 

Well, they definitely had the right staff to make us feel more than welcome. And as far as our experience goes, Nacho Daddy is more than your average restaurant—it’s a fun place to be!

It’s awesome to take in the ambiance and overall vibe of the space. The music was loud enough to boost our energy, but not so loud that we couldn’t have a conversation. Some TVs were playing the game for sports fans, other larger screens were playing music videos for whatever song was playing.  

As Vino puts it, “If you’re going to Nacho Daddy, you’re going to have a good time.” She adds that from “the nostalgic music videos playing in the background to the award-winning margaritas, it's hard not to enjoy yourself.” And I couldn’t agree more. 

It’s almost bewildering that you don’t see more restaurants using music videos to enhance the guest experience. Considering the recent data presented by Vevo—which shows, among other surprising stats, 25 million people watch music videos daily and 1.1 billion hours are spent watching music videos monthly—it seems like Nacho Daddy is ahead of the curve. 

At Nacho Daddy, we were truly guests, not just “customers.” The atmosphere they created made a great first impression, even before we set foot in the door. You could tell the staff were all enjoying their night and the people around them. And the entire ambiance, from the lighting and décor to the music and videos, it felt like a very cool place to hang out. 

So, next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, drop by Nacho Daddy, try the queso, margaritas, or—if you’re feeling adventurous—their Scorpion Shot: tequila paired with a real scorpion (stinger excluded, of course.) It’s definitely a go-to site that does guest experience right by exceeding expectations. 

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