How Restaurant and Bar Chains Can Stand Out from the Competition with Control Play

Modern conversations in the food and beverage industry largely center around the ever-increasing demands of consumers in bars and restaurants. You’ve probably heard that today’s customer values experiences over products—especially when marketing to millennials.

In tandem with this revelation is the growth of “Eatertainment” venues; bars and restaurants that provide various activities alongside their food and beverage service (arcade games, bowling, axe throwing, etcetera). These hybrid venues have seen tremendous growth over the past decade, as they’re both convenient and experience based.

Eatertainment is here to stay. But what does that mean for casual-dining restaurants, sports bars, pubs/taverns, and similar chains? There’s certainly a challenge in competing against large Eatertainment centers. Fortunately, it’s far from the end of the industry.

Restaurant and bar chains don’t need to throw away their brand identity and turn themselves into arcade/bowling centers with virtual reality rock climbing in order to keep up—but they do need to modernize. They need to focus on who their target demographic is and what they want out of a dining experience.

Consumers want to spend, but they demand a lot of value for their dollar. Yes, your food is brilliant, and the service is great—but today, that’s still not enough. You’re not just competing against similar restaurants, or large Eatertainment centers, you’re also competing against mobile technology, food delivery apps, media streaming services, and other applications that contribute to the ease of staying in.

To stack up against all this competition, you’ve got to make people fall in love with your establishment. They have to feel like it’s their spot, their go-to place for date night, celebrations, or just drinks with friends. Whether you own one location, or one hundred locations, a personalized guest experience in your venue needs to be sought after.

This is where Control Play can help.

Our whole service is dedicated to wowing guests with innovative digital video experiences. When your atmosphere is modernized with the content your guests want to see, it elevates the guest experience into something beyond the “everyday” dining venture. We do this through music videos with customized playlists made specifically for bars and restaurants, curated by our team of professional music mixologists.

The software also has digital signage/infotainment solutions built into it, meaning your ads can be more effective than ever. While people’s eyes are on the screens enjoying the hottest new music videos, or some great nostalgic throwbacks, you’re able to pop in an ad that actually gets seen. Promote menu items, special events, social media pages—whatever it is you want to sell or get people involved in, you can advertise it on your own screens with ease.

With remote management capabilities for all locations you operate, you’re able to keep your brand experience consistent from wherever you are. Schedule playlists and infotainment from whatever device you’d like, or better yet, talk to our Creative Team and have them schedule it for you.

New music is added daily to our massive library, and all our playlists are built to ensure there’s never a moment of awkward silence—even if the internet cuts out. We want people to experience the newest hits from their favorite artists in your business. Those kinds of moments get people talking and cement your brand in their minds as the spot to hang out and really enjoy themselves.

Talk to one of our business development executives today to see how Control Play fits in your bar or restaurant chain, across however many locations you operate:

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