How To Enhance Your Guest Experience With A Trivia Night

Running a trivia night at your is a lot of fun—for both you and your guests!

It can also be a great way to attract new and loyal customers to your establishment. People can get to know each other and show off their competitive side; plus, they're very versatile events that bring together strangers and neighbors alike. 

Trivia nights can also be tailored to a specific group, team, or charity event, which makes it a really personal way to connect people. These, and a host of other benefits, are reasons why a trivia night is necessary—but how do you run one properly?

Running a seamless trivia night takes some work, but is ultimately easier than you may think! 


1. Get the right equipment

First, you’ll need to figure out what kind of equipment you need. There are online subscription services that you can use to display questions, answers and even video questions. If this kind of system isn’t in your budget, you can use your normal sound system with the addition of a microphone and simply print questions and their correct answers and read them to guests. There are also plenty of phone apps that deliver trivia questions and answers that you could use as well.

Other equipment that may prove useful—a big screen TV and/or a projector. The visual element takes the event over the edge and can even be a secondary system for any directions or instructions you need to convey to the teams. Whatever the equipment is, just make sure you’re prepared to host a trivia night without a hitch.


2. Hand out great prizes

Every good trivia night has prizes!

Whether its a certificate, a medal or even a free drink or meal coupon, giving out prizes to the winning team enhances the competitive spirit. If your prizes are really awesome—like a gift card or free meal—use them as a chance to advertise your event and boast the winnings on your social media accounts. The prizes alone could draw in a crowd and attract new guests.


3. Iron out the details

Aside from the tech side of things, there are other a few more important details you’ll want to iron out prior to the event.

One such detail: choosing a host. Any employee in your bar—even you—can do the honors.

A rule of thumb? Try to get someone who the customers already know and engage with. It makes the experience more personal. Anyone who feels comfortable enough reading questions to a crowd will do the trick, and someone who loves banter and a bit of humor will really knock it out of the park. 

Make sure you also carve out a little spot in your bar with plenty of space for guests and a generally open space to hold the trivia. Get plenty of chairs and tables, and make sure there's a space for the host to stand or sit. If you have a smaller space, reserve seats at the bar for your guests to participate.

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll have a night that hits the mark on all areas.


4. Promote your night

It might be obvious, but make sure you promote your night—especially if it’s something new you’re adding to your schedule.

Promote via social media accounts, print, and on your digital signage in your bar. Building the excitement by announcing the prizes also ups the ante.

And make sure you keep your trivia night on the same night each week. This allows for some predictability, and planning, and also creates an opportunity to create repeat customers. 


5. Have a soundtrack

Just because someone’s on the loudspeaker doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have a killer soundtrack. The right background music can get guests excited and ready to play. The music can be played between questions and rounds to keep things interesting and keep the competitive spirit up.

Better still, the right playlist for the right people at the right time can make the difference between everyone bailing after a bit of trivia and guests sticking around long after the game is done. Then they'll get to have a few more drinks with friends and enjoy the experience longer. 


6. Keep each night unique

Try to keep things fresh, no matter how long you’ve been doing trivia night.

Doing themed nights like history, geography, popular culture, music or movies, will keep things interesting and fun for your guests. You can even scale the difficulty of the topics by the week, which makes it a great challenge for guests and a bit of a challenge will encourage guests to keep coming back and trying again.

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