How to Host a Killer NBA Finals Party at Your Sports Bar


The NBA Finals are right around the corner and if you’re planning on hosting a party at your sports bar, there are a few simple tips you should follow that will maximize your profit, increase your overall bottom line and gain you repeat customers.

Check out these five tips for hosting a killer NBA Finals party and get guests excited for it—even if it’s not their team on the court.

 1. Slam Dunk Snacks

Enjoying the NBA finals no matter if it's your patron’s team or not starts with a solid snacking menu. Create a special menu to celebrate the big game and get creative with the snacks on it. Think appetizer-style foods like wings, jalapeño poppers, mini basketball quesadillas, meatballs and more.

If you’re not into creating a few special items for your menu, instead spin up some specials, like buy one get one appetizer, meal deals with an appetizer, entree and desert included or happy hour pricing during the game.

 2. Create a Signature Drink

This is your last chance for the year to engage basketball fans—so get your top bartenders together and get a contest going to come up with a signature NBA playoff beverage. Encourage your bartenders to get creative with ingredients and names then once you’ve voted on the winning signature drink, promote it! Use social media, your website and even print media to get the word out.

3. Watch Your Pours

It can get crowded fast and you want to make sure your guests are attended to quickly and provided exceptional service, but at what cost? Using measured pourers will make sure you get the best profit margin for each drink. As a hotly contested topic in the bartending industry, it’s your job to make sure bartenders follow that rule if you choose to enforce it. 

Have bartenders practice accurate measurement while operating at a speedy pace, and you can have both the quality of service and quantity served in one. And using measured pourers will increase your bottom line overall.

4. Double Check TV Packages

There’s nothing worse than having an NBA Finals party and not being able to watch the game. Make sure you provide an exceptional experience and gain repeat patrons with the right TV package. It’ll save your establishment from embarrassment and bad ratings. Verify and re-verify ahead of time with your cable provider and check that all sound systems are working properly to broadcast the game loud and clear.

5. The Right Playlists

You probably want to be THE place for the big game day and all game days that follow. Using a curated just for your establishment playlist that can pump up your customers and keep them in their seats long after the buzzer will increase your bottom line without much effort. Add to that digital signage to boost your in-house promotions, like your signature drink and custom NBA finals snacks and really enhance your atmosphere before, during and after the game.

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