5 Easy Steps to Running the Best Girls' Night

Thinking of hosting a ladies' night at your bar or restaurant? Don't fall into the habit of using the same tired pink decor, the same no-cover charge, the same syrupy-sweet drinks and sub-par snacks. It’s time to change that with an amped-up girls' night that will draw in guests and keep them coming back for more.

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Here we’ll show you just how 
easy it is to deliver a girls' night at your establishment that’s a step above the rest and offers a great experience.


1. Keep it on the same night each week

The simplest thing you can do to make your theme night a success is keeping the schedule consistent. Whether it’s "Wednesdays are for Women" or "Ladies' Night Tuesday"—keeping the same night and time each week will make it easier for guests to remember the details and come back for more if they enjoy their experience the first time.


2. Do women-inspired trivia

Sure, girls' night is still fun and will attract guests if you give women a reason to get together, but you can elevate the experience with trivia that fits the evening. Rather than sticking to a specific theme (like ho-hum Sex in the City trivia) create your own with questions about actresses, singers, politicians, scientists, and other famous women in history. Trivia is always fun, and making it extra special for girls' night will make the experience even better.


3. Create themes, drinks, and specials

This is where you can really differentiate yourself from the countless other bars that hold weekly girls' nights. Maybe it's a "Women and Wine" night, where you offer samples of regional wines and small tasting plates of cheeses, breads, and seasonal veg. Or, try "Martinis and Manicures": hire a local manicurist to provide high-quality manicures and offer drink specials on all martinis. 

If you’re not feeling those vibes, have your bartenders create themed drinks or drink specials to entice guests. Avoid the tired Cosmopolitan and try more modern drinks, or special, craft cocktails for a truly unique experience.


4. Have giveaways and special presentations

Include a noteworthy speaker who can deliver an educational element, or set up a giveaway that gives guests the opportunity to win by purchasing certain items from your food or drinks menus.

Sales representatives also enjoy coming to events like this and educating the crowd on a topic of choice and jump at the opportunity to put their products in front of your customers. The best part? They will market your event and you can market theirs—so it’s a win-win, and you’ll both bring in more customers than you would have alone. 


5. Put on the right playlists

Part of getting the party started is having the right music pumping through your speakers. One wrong choice or off song and you’ll likely lose the crowd.

Keep the energy levels up and the fun flowing with playlists custom-built for your audience by music-obsessed playlist curators. With the right music for the right people at the right time, you’ll have guests become repeat customers, and they'll spread the word about your ladies' night in no time.

To learn more about how your bar can benefit from playlists like these, click the link below.

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