How to Run the Best UFC Fight Night

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UFC fight nights are increasing in popularity. Bars, restaurants and more are hosting them in hopes of making a profit—but most fail. Read on to see how to succeed. Learn how to run the best possible UFC fight night and come out on top by following these steps.

1. Brief Your Staff

There is one thing that comes for free that is paramount to exploit in the bar and restaurant industry and that is, customer service. Make sure you brief your staff on how to serve customers. Train them so that they are efficient and knowledgeable about what you are offering. They need to be polite, friendly and be able to build a rapport with your clients. None more so than on a fight night when your bar will be busier than usual. Ensure they know their stuff when it comes to the fight details as well as prices and special offers on your drinks and food.

 2. Know Your Client Mix

Fight nights will ultimately bring in more guys than gals. As such, it is of the utmost importance to anticipate this and what you need to have in stock. If your bar is going to be 90% male and most of your male clients drink beer when they’re out with the guys, it will pay dividends to have an appropriate amount ready to sell - as well as a staff that knows how to change kegs and pour pitchers in a efficient and quick manner.

3. Check Your Equipment Beforehand

This sounds so obvious, but how many times have you gone to a bar to watch a match or sports game, only to have missed the beginning because the staff did not know how to turn the equipment on - on a projector or otherwise? It’s infuriating and will mean customers won’t return the next time your bar or restaurant holds a sports night. It’s unnecessary too and will only take five minutes the day before to check and iron out any problems.

4. Look Out for Regulars

When briefing your staff, tell them to keep an eye out for regulars. They may have pitched up to your establishment without knowing that you have a fight night on. It may not be their thing, but you want to ensure they, and their money stays on your premises. So make them feel special as opposed to forgotten about as soon as the place gets busy.

5. Get the Music Right

Fights can be really short. To make sure that people stay in your bar spending their cash, music is the perfect way to keep them entertained. Fight nights lend themselves well to themed playlists, but ultimately any music played needs to create a buzzing and energetic atmosphere.

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