How to Run the Best Wing Night

Want to give customers the most bang for their cluck? It’s time to start mastering wing night at your bar or restaurant!

High-volume wing nights are perfect for drawing a crowd, gaining repeat customers and delivering a food favorite that’s universally appealing. All it takes is a bit of foresight, the right recipe and great background music, and you’ve got a killer wing night that you can repeat each week. Let's break it down with 5 simple tips! 


1. Know how many wings you'll need

It should be obvious, but forecasting how many wings you’ll need will keep you prepared and unphased by potential mishaps. Using this simple formula, you'll understand just how many wings you need to prep.

Take your daily sales of wings by day for each week for ten weeks, then multiply this by about one and a half—this will give you a rough estimate of the amount of wings you should prepare for your wing night.


2. Cooking your wings

Precooking your wings might be a good option if you're looking to serve quick. They're good for three days if refrigerated and are the best time-saving option. Precooking your wings also reduces the time it takes to get the wings from the kitchen to the table, which means more satisfied guests.

Wings can be pre-fried—just make sure that once they’ve cooled, you get rid of excess oil and portion them into bags correlating with order sizes. For pre-roasting, season them, place them in the oven, let them cool and then portion them.


3. Prepare for high volume

Make sure all kitchen stations are prepared before you go into your wing night. Doing so will help keep service speedy and efficient. Set trays of sauces out, pre-set your portions of celery, carrots, blue cheese and ranch and even pre-plate your service ware, which means after they get sauce and are plated, the servers can keep running them out to the tables.

For saucing, make sure you use just the right amount, and make sure you cut any flavors that feature too much vinegar—one of the least-preferred ingredients in wing sauces. Keep in mind the amount of sauce you need as well. For an order between nine and fourteen pieces, you should coat in ⅓ cup of sauce. Thinner sauces spread more evenly where thicker ones don’t—so be mindful of this.


4. Promote your wing night 

Make sure you use your social media accounts to promote wing night.

There are plenty of fun and engaging ways to get guests excited about it. Try a loyalty program to get guests coming back for more to earn free wings or deliver discounts like an all you can eat night or price per wing night. These will drive guests to your establishment and if you can seal the deal with quality, delicious wings—you’ll earn the repeat customers you deserve.


5. The right soundtrack

Believe it or not, playing the right tunes will keep customers in your establishment and ready to order more wings. When put together by music-obsessed curators, personalized playlists in your bar or restaurant can hit the right note for customers. The right music for the right people at the right time means an increase in business and customers that enjoy their entire experience and want to keep coming back for more.


To learn more about how curated, hand-selected playlists can improve your restaurant or bar, click the link below and download our free guide on background music!

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