Increase Revenue with Music Videos and Infotainment for Restaurants

Restaurants and bars have to be savvier than ever to compete in the fast-paced, ever-changing business of food service. As an owner/operator, your finger must be on the pulse of popular culture, technology, and consumer trends in order to make the most of what tools are available and increase revenue.

Today we’ll be looking at modern video experiences in restaurants and how you can leverage your existing digital real estate—those flat screen TVs around the venue. By combining a contemporary entertainment solution with relevant, engaging messaging, you’re not only enhancing the guest experience, but advertising in a way that gets noticed and drives sales.

That entertainment solution? Music videos. That relevant messaging? Infotainment.

We’ll breakdown some specifics of each and conclude with how they effectively come together in restaurants for marketing that productively builds revenue.


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Music Videos

When you think about a restaurant or bar with TV screens set up around the venue, what do you tend to picture playing on them? Most likely sports, right? Failing that, it could be the news or even The Food Network. But why?

Sports definitely have their place in casual dining and sports bars, clearly, but without an actual major league game playing, ESPN and other sport-networks aren’t adding much value. Newscasters, commentators, and the TV chefs of The Food Network aren’t saying anything if/when the channels are muted—which is most often the case. So, what's really the benefit of having these TVs set up in the first place? They're not engaging people and they're not making you any money.

Worse yet are the commercials that play so often. Not only are people tired of being inundated daily by advertisements online, in print, on buses, in cabs, on billboards—everywhere—but many of these ads playing on network TV could easily be from direct competitors of yours. It’s odd seeing a Chipotle add while you’re already sat in a restaurant, waiting for your food. The last thing you want your guests thinking is, “we should’ve gone there.”

Simply put, music videos are the perfect entertainment solution for restaurants and bars. They’re visually appealing, quick pieces of content that are currently more popular than ever—consistently being the most watched videos on YouTube. Streaming music videos in your venue means always having something engaging on your screens, something that ties the atmosphere’s sounds and sights together in a modern way that guests notice. It means providing your guests with the entertainment they are already consuming while at the same time, blocking commercials from competitors.

When your space is providing entertainment that your guests actually want to see, their eyes will be on the screens far more often. That’s when a quick, digital ad—what we call “infotainment”—is going to be most effective.


As we’ve defined it, infotainment is the strategic alignment of your music and video playlists with in-house digital signage in order to promote or advertise menu items, daily specials, events, social media pages, and more. It’s digital signage, but not in the sense of a stagnant menu display. Information and entertainment come together with the intention of selling or upselling in your venue.

Whether you’re wanting to build brand awareness, sell more specialty cocktails, or you’re just looking for more followers on social media, the beautifully animated, eye-catching designs of infotainment can help make that happen.

About one in five people who've seen a digital video ad within a week say that they’ve made an unplanned purchase after seeing the item on screen, according to the research. Almost half (47%) of people who engage with digital signage can recall what the ad was specifically about.

Upselling is a great way to boost revenue and a great service staff can make all the difference in that effort. Having infotainment displayed on your screens gives that extra bit of incentive, enhanced with appealing visuals, that boost sales endeavors even more.

Of course, as I've said, the eyes have to be on your screens to make it work.

Combining Music Videos with Infotainment

If you need eyes on screens for effective digital signage ads, then music videos are the way to go. This is one of the reasons Control Play works so well as a revenue-boosting entertainment solution. With an easy way to schedule music video playlists and infotainment at the same time, our subscribers are able to display an add that people actually pay attention to because they’ve been glancing up at the videos more than they would with your average programming. The infotainment they engage with allows them to recall your promotions easier and consider buying more often.

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