How to Handle Increased Customer Volume This Holiday Season

The start of the holiday season means more money spent and more traffic in bars and restaurants. Learn how to handle the high-volume in your bar or restaurant to make the most of the most wonderful time of the year.


The season to be jolly can be a lucrative time for any bar or restaurant owners. To make the most of the good cheer and increased customer numbers, follow these tips for guaranteed success.

Predict needed stock levels

The holiday season means increased customers due to people hosting office parties, socializing more with friends and the need to refuel after long shopping outings in the search for the perfect gifts for loved ones. Make sure you have the ability to cater to them by stocking your bars with the right amount of liquor as well as the right types. For instance, more champagne will likely be enjoyed as people are in a celebratory mood in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. And make sure your provisions in the kitchen are increased appropriately, as well.

Festive Playlists

Music is a key part of the holiday season so make sure your bar or restaurant is playing jingles that will set the right tone for your establishment. Control Play can help you put together an essential playlist of Mariah Carey, Carols and Christmas classics. It really cannot be underestimated how easily music puts people in a good mood … and keeps customers in their seats, enjoying the festive ambiance.

Train your staff in the art of measures

Staff are a fundamental element to your establishment’s success at any time of year, but especially during the holidays. Allocate the proper amount of team members for each shift, but also train all those team members so that they can serve your clients to an excellent standard. A vital portion of this training will need to be teaching the art of measuring drinks correctly – it is crucial for optimizing your bottom line.

Deals that are easy to provide

In line with optimizing your bottom line, it is an excellent idea to offer deals on drinks that are easy to pour and set menus that are easy to turn out. It means that you will have a good quality offering that are always delivered proficiently by you and your staff. This in turn will result in repeat customers.

Control Play has experience in enhancing and developing a bar or restaurant’s success, in terms of client numbers and underlying profit. Read on to see how we can help you – in the holiday season or not.



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