Is Brunch Profitable for Your Bar or Restaurant?

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Brunch isn’t anything new but recently the surge in patrons looking for the hottest brunch spot would make you think differently. Problem is, there are so many places offering brunch, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd but with the right offerings, the right pricing, the right food and the right music, brunch at your bar or restaurant can be a huge success.

Here, we outline why brunch, and deliver 6 tips to knock your brunch out of the park.

Why Brunch?

Though Americans weren’t credited with inventing brunch, in some ways it’s become the national pastime. In recent years, brunch was a favorite of yoga pant-wearing, champagne-sipping women but now the meal has become more universal, and everyone from senior citizens to college kids seek out the best spots for brunch.

This provides an incredible business opportunity for you—the bar or restaurant owner! Offering brunch is one of the best ways to boost sales and gain new customers. And with brunch as popular as it is and increasing in popularity, it’s a great addition to your overall business strategy.

The catch is, just offering a brunch and marketing your offerings isn’t enough. You have to deliver on the experience and create repeat customers who can’t stop talking about your bar or restaurant to their friends and family. But how? Follow these simple rules for the best brunch around.

1. Expand Your Brunch Time

With its increasing popularity, brunch is no longer just for Sundays. Expanding brunch hours and days will appeal to a wider demographic. Whether it's adding later hours, or making your brunches a weekend-long offering, doing this will increase the likelihood of patrons visiting your restaurant or bar.

2. Offer Premium Foods

Rather than following the suit of other restaurants who offer the standards, kick it up a notch. Fresh, homemade and made-to-order items on a menu are tasty, popular, and increase your revenue. When designing your brunch menu, think about freshly made items, like smoothies, homemade baked goods and sourcing ingredients from local farms and businesses. And don’t forget to indicate these items on your menu. Use words like locally sourced, house-made, garden fresh and more to drive home the quality of the menu items.

 3. Put a Spin on Traditional Brunch

Maybe a traditional brunch isn’t your thing—and that’s ok! Try offering a bottomless brunch between certain hours for a standard price, a brunch buffet or even endless mimosas. These offerings will be popular with guests and increase your bottom line. Make sure whatever you do, you staff appropriately and create a seamless experience.

4. Give a Regional Experience

If you’re stuck on how to make your brunch different than the rest, try offering some regional food options. Deliver the variety that guests are looking for with local favorites. Have a restaurant or bar in Chicago? Do a play on deep dish pizza. In the Philadelphia area? Add some cheesesteak-like items. Get creative—guests appreciate it.

 5. Make it a Deal

One of the best ways to draw folks in for a brunch at your establishment is offering some type of deal. Offer a first-visit promotion, a buy one get one coupon or other discounts to draw customers in. Promote any deals you’re offering on local websites, your website and all of your social media accounts.

6. Create an Experience from Start to Finish

The overall experience of brunch matters, not just the food. Think about how your brunch is laid out and how guests will get their food. Pre-plan foot traffic patterns to create efficiencies.

Not to be forgotten is music. Are you playing the right background music to set the mood for brunch? Better yet, do you know what the right music is to play at brunch? Something as simple as music can make or break a guest’s experience and have them leaving with a smile on their face ready to come back next weekend, so don’t leave it as an afterthought.

To learn more about how the right music at the right time attracts and keeps guests, click the link below.

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