3 Steps to Hosting a Little League World Series Party at Your Bar or Restaurant

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The Little League World Series is an event that a lot of fans wait all year for. The heart, determination and vigor the young players demonstrate make for exciting games and memorable moments. Typically, bars and restaurants will play the games when they’re on, but don’t fully commit to a party or having the games take the main screen—but they should.

The LLWS is a great way to bring in crowds and even families and get people excited about something that is so unique and fun. Keep reading to discover the three tips that will help you host a great LLWS party in your bar or restaurant.

Step #1: Make it Family Friendly

Part of the appeal with the Little League World Series is that it’s a family-friendly sporting event. While it’s nice to watch NFL, NBA or MLB games as a family, nothing quite captures kid’s attention like the LLWS—after all, it’s kids playing. Because of this, you might want to tailor your event a bit to be more family-friendly than normal.

That doesn’t mean cutting back on the party atmosphere, that simply means advertising to families, too! And if you’d like to do a little more, try family-friendly contests or kids only contests like outdoor games, family-friendly trivia and family-oriented specials.

Step #2: Deliver Great Specials

As always, great specials will attract more people. This time, the difference is including some specials that appeal to families, too. Instead of solely offering drink specials, try adding in some kids meal specials, too! Maybe a baseball-themed meal or a free dessert. Or maybe a free kids meal with the purchase of an entree. Whatever it is, make sure you advertise it the right way. That means before the event getting the word out on social media and other marketing materials you use. And the advertising doesn’t stop there—during the event, use eye-catching, custom digital signage to remind customers of everything you’re offering that day, all of which will increase revenue.

Step #3: Play the Best Music

No matter where you go, the music ultimately sets the mood. Going somewhere that has an overall average experience but plays bad music will make customers leave pretty quickly. If that same establishment plays custom, hand-selected and curated playlists, customers will likely stay long after the final inning is played. So, be mindful of the music you play—because playing the right music for the right people at the right time is more important than you think.

To learn more about how music can dramatically improve your bar or restaurant experience, click the link below.



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