How to Use the MLB All-Star Game to Bring Guests to Your Sports Bar

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The MLB All-Star game is July 17th and there’s no better way to celebrate one of America’s favorite pastimes than with a bash at your sports bar. But before you start advertising, you’ll need to make sure your establishment is ready to host the perfect party that will have guests recommending your spot for future events and nights out. 

Keep reading to learn how to use the MLB All-Star game to bring in guests to your sports bar, increase your bottom line, create repeat customers and keep guests around long after the big game is over.

1. Plenty of Big TVs

It might be obvious, but having plenty of big TVs is the best way to attract guests for the game. They know they’ll be able to see it no matter where they sit or stand in your establishment which is important. Hand in hand with having plenty of big TVs is making sure the TVs can tune into the network that’s broadcasting the game without any connectivity issues. Lastly, make sure your audio system is ready to broadcast the game sound—because without sound, it’s a bit less exciting. Do a check on all systems the day before and the day of the game to make sure everything is ready to go.

2. Staffed Appropriately

To support a potential influx in customers, you’ll need to make sure you create a staffing schedule that will allow for it. If you advertise for your event, you’ll need to prepare additional staff so wait times are low and service is prompt. A word of caution, however—don’t over-schedule employees—it’ll take away profit and skew labor costs. Keep the staffing reasonable. Short wait times and excellent service make for repeat customers every time.

3. Fast Kitchen Service

In sports bars, it’s critical to ensure fast and high-quality kitchen service. Guests will be coming to your establishment to enjoy the game, have some tasty brews and enjoy some good old fashioned bar food. But just because it’s bar food doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set the standards high. Make sure your kitchen service is speedy and accurate and provides guests with delicious classics and maybe even some new inventions. And don’t forget to advertise any specials you might have with digital signage—doing so will entice guests to try new things.

4. Specials

As stated above, specials are an easy way to increase profit and sell some of your best food and drink options. Make sure you advertise well before the event—great specials can make or break someone’s decision to watch the game at your sports bar or not. Try buy one, get ones, happy hour pricing during the game or a free drink with the purchase of a food item.

5. Music After the Game

When the game’s over, you don’t want tons of guests pouring out your doors to go to the next bar or even home—you want them staying for another drink, spending more money and enjoying their time at your bar. The best way to do that? Custom, hand-selected playlists that are made specifically for your crowd, daypart and mood. With the right playlist at the right time for the right people, you’ll have guests staying long after the final inning.

To learn more about how custom playlists can enhance your sports bar, please click the link below.

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