Music Video Streaming for Restaurants Is Innovating the Guest Experience

The most successful bars and restaurants aren’t just serving up great food, they’re creating entire experiences. New developments in technology are allowing businesses to more effectively personalize their guests’ experiences. Some places, for example, use systems that can track customers’ orders and preferences, so servers can ready someone’s favorite drink as soon as they walk in the door.

The space in which someone dines, however, is just as important as the service they receive or the products they consume. To enhance that dining space, more and more restaurants are using a music video service made specifically for the food and beverage industry.

Do the words "music videos" trigger thoughts of MTV, circa 1990? They shouldn't! According to data gathered by the largest distributor of music videos today, Vevo, they’re more popular than ever.

An estimated 25 million Americans are watching music videos daily. Bringing the medium into a food-service venue means providing guests with the entertainment they’re already massively consuming and want more of.


Having some great playlists for your background music is one thing, but airing a song’s accompanying video, in striking HD, brings another one of those great “wow” moments to your establishment. Common, bland restaurants are wasting their TVs with muted network stations—news, The Food Network, etc.—so, when patrons walk in to see something different and engaging, they can’t help but notice.

Providing a means of extra entertainment, enhanced atmosphere, and a modernized music experience is a great way to differentiate your brand from the competition who are failing to utilize the popularity of music videos for their benefit. With the right music, visuals, and all-around atmosphere, guests are much more likely consider your venue as their “go-to” spot. As much as people love to try new places, they still need their personal favorite—paying attention to details like ambiance and ensures your restaurant becomes just that!

It largely comes down to how you’re playing off customer expectations. Whenever someone decides to patronize a restaurant, they come in with a set of preconceived notions, whether consciously or not. At the very least, they’re likely expecting good food and decent service.

That’s what you have to deliver to make good on the promise of your business—you are in food service, after all. But the places that are being raved about on social media and getting those 5-star YELP reviews are the ones that contribute more than the expected to the experience. 

Of course, simply having music videos play on your screens is only one part of the equation. You still need to know what genres your guests want, what artists should be played, and what volume levels should be set during each daypart. Building the right playlists for the right people and playing them at the right time is going to positively affect your guests on a subconscious level—getting them to stick around for another drink or food purchase.


That’s why a subscription to Control Play gives you access to our professional music mixologists whose whole job it is to craft the best video playlists for your brand and dayparts. They also schedule volume levels and program seamless transitions of different genres between dayparts, if desired. This means that not only are you providing the freshest audio/video experiences for your guests, but all the work is taken off your plate with a quick call, email, or text. 

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With this full-featured service, you'll also have the ability to remotely schedule music, videos, and digital signage (yes, infotainment can be included in your subscription!) from anywhere on any device. Need to restrict access to the music so your staff doesn't start playing what they like from our massive library instead of what your guests like? You're able to do that too!

Control Play's software has been designed specifically for the food and beverage industry, so it can address any pain points that come with the business. We want to WOW your guests with innovative video experiences, so click the button below and let us show you how we'll do exactly that!

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