New Program Alert: The Brit Rock Invasion is here!!

As one of the leaders in providing music and music-videos for bars we’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for more playlists with that perfect pub feel. So what better place to start then with the music from the country that perfected pub rock?From the moment the Beatles stormed North America’s shores British bands have done it all: blues, pub rock, psychedelic, glam, new wave, prog rock, punk and of course just flat out great rock. Sure, you’ll find all the biggest songs here from the Beatles, to Queen, the Stones, Zeppelin and Bowie (and to be honest just going through and handpicking the best of that bunch would’ve been a blast) but we wanted to give you more.That’s what made creating this playlist so much fun – because for every monster hit, we’ve also added in those hidden gems that deserve just as much love! These are the bands that have been inspiring wave after wave of people to pick up some instruments, gather in a  garage and rock out. We hope you enjoy it listening as much as we loved putting it all together. 

You'll find the all new BRIT ROCK program on your player today! 


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