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We are the playlist company. What does that mean?



a list of recorded songs or pieces of music chosen to be played. 

We believe that the world is a happier place when music is playing and that's why the music bars and restaurants choose to play in the background is so important to their brand. We also believe that depending on who you are, where you are and what you are doing creates unique circumstances in which songs you play. 

The order that the songs are played is equally if not more important than the songs themselves. The technology and human curation utilized to select the songs for your playlist are what creates a branded experience with music.

There are millions of songs, and when pulling together a playlist, the questions you should address are:

  • What songs are right for your business?
  • What songs for what daypart?
  • What order should they be played?

How effectively you address these questions will dictate how happy your bar or restaurant music selections make your customers.

To be truly successful; you need to specialize and intimately know your customer's needs. Control Play specializes in creating the best background music for sports bars, pubs, neighborhood bars and casual dining restaurants. We differentiate ourselves from the other background music providers because our approach is thoughtful and customizable. 

We’re highly focused on sorting through the millions of songs and human-curating the data points for each song. Our technology team constantly creates tools to effectively utilize the data and intelligence to build a sequence of music targeted specifically for sports bars, pubs, neighborhood bars and casual dining restaurants.

The real benefits of our playlists to our subscribers are

  • We help create that unique vibe, energy and atmosphere that defines their brand experience.
  • We increase customer and staff satisfaction.
  • We provide a reliable service to free up time for other areas of their business.
  • We always deliver fresh and relevant content to brands.
  • We give highly rated, accessible customer service open whenever you are.

Simon Sinek was quoted,” When we work hard on something we believe in, it's called passion.” Our entire team is passionate about helping restaurant owners and managers succeed by making their customers happy with targeted sequences of music.

Want to learn more? Download our free "Forward Thinking About Background Music" guide today and leverage the power of the playlist.

We are the playlist company!

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Posted by Jim Juniper

Jim is a Co Founder and Playlist Evangelist at Control Play. He is an entrepreneur dedicated to serving as an optimistic leader with a passion for creating the perfect sequence of music. He enjoys kicking back with family and friends with killer tracks playing in the background.


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