3 Reasons to Use Playlist Personalization in Your Bar or Restaurant


Did you know that environmental music drives our choices? The impact of music is undeniable—bars and restaurant owners need to assess their customer base, their most popular dayparts, price points and times of operation and use this all to decide what kind of music is the best music to play (hint: a generic playlist isn’t the answer).

Keep reading to learn why you should start using playlist personalization in your bar or restaurant and how it can help increase your business and create loyal customers.

1. It sets the mood

Personalized playlists help shape the mood and atmosphere of your bar or restaurant—something patrons don’t get at home. Guests come to your establishment because they want something different and something that feels special. You might be selling fun, romance, excitement, convenience, expectation, entertainment or just a good old fashioned place to celebrate but whatever the reason, any of these factors can be introduced by musical selection.

Think of how jarring it would be to hear hip hop or top 40 in a high-end restaurant, and the same goes for a dive bar playing classical. Music has a much larger effect on mood than you might think. Even if you’re a bar or restaurant that thinks they have their customer base nailed down and understand what they want, it takes a great music curator to really break it down by daypart and customize the perfect playlists for your establishment based on customers, time of day and day of week, and preferred mood.

2. It makes guests stay longer

It’s proven that the appropriate music makes guests stay longer. When guests hear music they enjoy and matches with the experience, it makes them want to stick around for a few more drinks or another course. This is especially true when you have hand-selected and curated playlists that are specifically created for your audience and daypart. Music that’s for the right people at the right time can have major effects on your bottom line, including guests staying long after a game is done, event has passed or meal has finished. And guests staying longer means an increase in your bottom line and hitting your sales goals month over month.

3. It creates repeat customers

Many business owners struggle to develop customer loyalty. Just like using social media or advertising to reach and connect with your audience, music is a tool to also do the same and must be used with the same frequency. You might be thinking that just popping on any old playlist you think is appropriate will work in the same way, but you’re wrong. Playlists that are developed for your specific situation can garner a much stronger effect than canned music with no consideration for your audience because that can hurt your bottom line. Unsophisticated playlists assembled by an engineer who knows nothing about you, your business or your customers serves no one.

Take the time to consider your music along with your price point, audience and time of day. Finding the music to match will influence how much your guests spend, how much they enjoy the experience in your bar or restaurant and if they want to come back to your establishment or not. Loyal customers means a steady stream of income for your establishment and a solidified future—things that almost all restaurants and bars care about.

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