9 Reasons to Support Local Bars and Restaurants

When we go shopping, we often scour the sales racks or take our hunt online to search for the perfect gifts.

However, while we do this, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: How are our purchases impacting our communities?

Control Play presents 9 Reasons to Support Your Local Bars and Restaurants

How and where we spend our money shapes everything around us—from the type and variety of products that are available to us to the economic strength of our cities, towns, and neighbourhoods.


A good bargain feels great—but what does it really cost us?

There are so many great reasons to support our local shops and businesses, and those businesses include the bars and restaurants that bring the fun and flavour to our communities.

Our local eateries and watering holes are the places we build our memories, celebrate life’s milestones, and gather with our loved ones for a special night out.

You can never replace the memories you make with your friends at your pub or coffee shop. When you’re away, one of the first things you miss is the Thai soup or crispy fries from your favourite eatery back home—you won’t be able to find anything exactly like it anywhere else.

Our local pubs and restaurants are more than just places to eat and drink. We can help support our local businesses by actively choosing to invest our time and money in them.


How you can support local businesses

Shop at the unique businesses that make your community special. That includes dining or socializing at your favourite local hotspot.

Besides being a great excuse to enjoy a day or evening out, there are many fantastic reasons to shop and dine local:

1. You don't have to travel

One of the best parts about supporting your local businesses? They're LOCAL! That means less traveling and more time enjoying the food and atmosphere you love. 

2. You won't find it anywhere else

Local businesses offer unique products and services. You’ll never find another café that makes chai lattes quite like your local coffee shop makes them. 

3. You'll create jobs

Small businesses are responsible for most of the new jobs created in the USA. By supporting your local shops, pubs, and businesses, you're contributing to the creation of new jobs that will benefit your neighbourhood!

4. You'll benefit from the investment

The money you spend at your local businesses goes back into your community. A thriving local economy can lead to lower taxes, which means more money in your pockets. 

5. You'll get better customer service

A lot of local businesses are run by family and friends with a deep and personal connection to their products and services. This means you’ll receive unparalleled customer service from business operators who will go above and beyond for their local clientele. 

6. You'll increase your choices

It's simple: the more often you buy close to home, the more variety will become available to you nearby. Businesses won’t supply things people don’t buy, so prove there’s a demand by supporting!

7. You'll help the environment

Locally grown and raised food and homemade goods don’t have to travel as far to make it to the consumer. This means fewer emissions from shipping and a smaller impact on the environment. 

8. You'll feel good about it

What's not to feel good about? You’re supporting your community, helping the environment, and saving money 

9. You'll get to know your neighbours

There's a reason Cheers was such a popular television show; there's nothing like walking into a shop or pub where everybody knows your name.

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Support your neighborhood. Shop Small. 9 Reasons to support your local bars and restaurants

Control Play’s legacy lies in providing high-quality music videos to Mom-and-Pop restaurants and bars. Though our brand’s reputation has evolved and caught the attention of bigger businesses, we’ve never stopped delivering the best guest experiences to our foundational subscribers.

We salute the local businesses that make our communities vibrant. Support your neighborhood and shop small.

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