Stay Ahead Of and Exceed Customer Expectations with 'Control Play'

In a study by Eventbrite, 78% of Millennials—who control well over $1 trillion in spend these days—prefer to invest their hard-earned money on crafting memories instead of buying something desirable.

As technology develops, so do your customers' expectations. Small businesses and big brands alike are realizing that consumers find more value in experiences than products—people want their investments to bring them joy (thanks, Marie Kondo!).

How can you help them do exactly that? Don't just fulfill their expectations. Exceed them by delivering a great guest experience with Control Play.

Consumer demand in 2019

Back in the day, companies like Netflix understood that consumers came to them because they met a rising desire in the market: entertainment on demand. Does your business meet today’s demands? It's 2019, and if you're still playing commercial-ridden channels like MTV in your entertainment venue, you're what 2008-Fergie would have called "two-thousand-and-late."

What's the alternative, then? You've already purchased top-of-the-line flat screen or plasma televisions so your patrons know you value their experience. You’ve created a custom playlist that you occasionally remember to update when your regulars and your staff complain about the repetitiveness.

“I want to provide my customers with the very best experience they can get. Are you saying these investments aren't worth it?"

Absolutely not! You've already succeeded in getting customers through the door. By providing visual entertainment and music, you're meeting their default expectations. But as customer demand inevitably grows each year, more and more companies are doing the bare minimum to meet those cursory expectations.

Everyone is playing background music. Are you playing music videos yet? 

How can you stay ahead of the trends? The next step in hospitality is Control Play: music video playlist software.

Don't let TVs control you. Control what your patrons see

Music is often treated as a mere afterthought in the master business plan, but it is one of the most powerful tools you have in your ambiance-setting toolbox. Unifying your customers' visual and aural stimulation with Control Play’s custom-selected video playlists is a subtle yet clever way to prioritize and improve the overall experience.

You can have the best beer selection, gourmet menu options, and amazing service, but nothing ruins the vibe like a group selfie posted to social media with a commercial for your competitor in the background. People don't want to come to your venue to talk over obnoxious deodorant ads or reruns of The Simpsons that they can—but don’t—watch at home.

It's great to have traditional cable or satellite options available, but even if you strategically choose what channels to feature, you're ultimately not in control of what appears on your own screens.


Inject your own messaging and boost sales

Control Play lets you control not only what songs and music videos your paying customers listen to and watch, but also offers digital signage with branded messaging like daily specials, local contests, or upcoming events that you can schedule to play once happy hour hits. Music videos draw eyes to your screens, so it just makes sense to provide them with relevant signage about your company once you have their attention.

As the general public gets accustomed to the availability and customization of music-on-demand apps like Spotify, their baseline expectation rises with their refined taste. Control Play isn’t a typical entertainment experience; it’s the next level.

Create an elevated and cohesive setting for people to craft fond memories. In an era when people actively spend their money on sensations over stuff, improving the quality of entertainment at your venue shows your customers that you value being a part of their best memories.

That is the power of the playlist. That is the motivation behind Control Play.

See for yourself how Control Play can exceed your guests’ expectations!

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