Stop Wasting Your TVs! Modernizing Screens in Bars and Restaurants

Too many restaurants and bars are wasting their TV screens. Maybe they don’t know what else to put on, maybe they refuse to modernize their audio/video experience. Whatever the case, just playing "whatever" (often muted screens with news or sports caster discussions) does not make for an entertaining time—especially with all the commercials running throughout. Even when the screens are on for the big game, that’s roughly 3-4 hours out of the day, what else are they being used for?

Today’s hospitality market demands more than just products. More and more people are seeking out a complete experience—a different experience—for their nights out. If your venue isn’t creating effective ambiance, a significant piece of that experience is completely lost.

Control Play exists to solve this problem. We’re focused on helping our subscribers exceed the expectations of their guests with innovative and engaging A/V experiences. With digital signage, HD music video playlists, and so much more, Control Play makes the most of your screens and distinguishes your venue from the competition.


Innovative Technology with Unparalleled Service

There are plenty of digital signage options to choose from, so finding the solution that’s best for your business is imperative. If you find the cheapest option, are you getting all the benefits you need? If you get the most expensive option, is anyone there to manage the media or train you on its proper usage? Plus, how many of these options are designed specifically for your business and have entertainment built right into the system?

Control Play is in all-in-one service that incorporates digital signage into our subscribers’ music video system. It’s designed by people who know the food and beverage industry and constantly innovate the software to meet the ever-changing needs of hospitality.

If you have someone with a knack for graphic design creating your ads, it’s easy and efficient to upload them to our player. If you don’t have that on staff, we’ve still got you covered. Each player comes with the option to include pre-made templates for bars and restaurants that can be customized to promote your venue’s menu items, special events, social media pages and more.

Need something more specific to your brand? Our creative team can make custom signage from your instructions and even schedule when it’ll play with just a quick call or email!

Whatever it is you need, however you want to do it, we’ll make it happen for you.

Uploading your own content can be tricky with other companies. If no one’s there to guide you, you run the risk of using poor quality images and/or improper aspect ratios that look unprofessional—plus, being left without any help can easily lead to frustration.

Our software, however, has auto-adjustments to ensure the right size for any TV your signage is displayed on. Also, we have real people here to run tests and ensure your success, so you’ll never end up accidentally displaying low-quality images. We don’t settle until it’s perfect for you!

Furthermore, we know that things don’t always go as planned. If the internet cuts out, most streaming services are toast—but not ours. We provide dedicated hardware that downloads and updates your content automatically, without any interruption. Not only does this save you bandwidth, but if something does happen to your connection, the offline mode kicks in and continues working like usual.

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For more on effective use of digital signage and infotainment, download our free guide!


More Than Just Digital Signage

Of course, we’re not suggesting you only display digital signage on every screen you have. What we’re really passionate about is our music and music video playlists. We put the digital signage in your music video system for a complete, all-in-one package.

With videos to match your music and no gaps between them, you’re providing on-screen entertainment that’s truly engaging. No more muted talking heads and no more wasted screen time! But, perhaps more importantly, people are far more likely to pay attention to your screens when they’re playing content that’s relevant to the space—which means their eyes are actually on your ads when you decide to pop in a digital signage display.

We also provide you access to our team of professional music mixologists to help nail down the right vibe for your venue and guests. Now, not only are your digital ads far more effective, but so is the ambiance. Need a light, breezy atmosphere for lunch and an energetic mix for happy hour? We’re glad to not only curate those playlists, but schedule them for you too.

There are so many features in Control Play’s software that I could go on for pages—but the point is, restaurants and bars have the ability to make their screens work for them. Strategic use of digital signage and modernized music/entertainment in your venue makes a vast difference. The more reasons you can give people to visit, the more they’ll be there—and the more they’ll spend.

The only question left is, have you upgraded your bar or restaurant to music video yet?

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