Super Bowl Checklist: 5 Essential Tips For Bars And Restaurants

The biggest game of the year is here! Make sure your bar can handle the influx of customers and host a Super Bowl party that’s a total touchdown.

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The Super Bowl. There is no other sports event that offers a better opportunity to draw customers to your establishment. To help you cash in, follow these five tips and suggestions.

1. Check your stock levels

It seems so obvious, but it really will pay dividends to check your stock levels in advance of any Super Bowl party you host in your bar. To ensure you have the right alcohol available, look at your clients and their habits on past sports nights and see what your top seller has been. And make sure you get your order in with your distributor in plenty of time so that you don’t run the risk of not being able to get your hands on any bar basics you anticipate needing.

2. Include the favorite bar snacks

Include some salty bar snacks—both to buy and to munch on at the bar—on the night of the big game. Nothing says “football” like wings, nachos, guacamole and various other bar bites. Everyone loves a good pub snack and a beverage of their choice to go along with them.

3. Check your equipment

This is another easy and quick win that you’ll kick yourself for if you don't do it beforehand. Check your equipment well in advance—from the microwave to the POS and everything in-between! If it doesn’t work, you’ve got a chance to fix it before the mad rush at the bar. Any later and you’ll run the risk of disappointing customers who may not return again.

This goes for your audio/visual equipment, too – especially on Super Bowl Sunday when the primary reason folks are coming in is to watch the big game on the big screen. Use music and in-house promotions to amplify the excitement and ambiance in your bar, if used strategically.

Control Play can help you with ideas for how to manipulate your equipment to the best of its ability too. Maybe by lining up giveaways every quarter if a certain player or play results in a touchdown, for example.

4. Ensure everyone gets a good view

How many times have you frequented a bar to watch a game, only to find that that bar had only one decent viewing table or barstool? To make sure your night is a success with happy customers throughout, think about how you can adapt your normal layout to suit viewing on the big screen. Consider renting any extra A/V equipment that can help ensure a good view for all. Because a good, unobstructed view will mean that your customers stay, and pay, longer.

5. Offer cocktail specials that are quick pours

Promote deals on drinks that are super quick to pour. The quicker you pour, the quicker you can serve customers, keeping football fans happy. Pitchers of beer are great, as are many other drinks—just be wary of difficult to make mojitos and other such cocktails.

Make watching the Super Bowl at your bar as much as a tradition as Thanksgiving. Work with Control Play to establish your bar as the place to be, by clicking Learn More.

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