Why Guest Experience is More Important Now Than Ever

Everyday it looks more and more like we are headed toward a recession, but that is no need to panic. Everyone still needs to eat and even more so be entertained. Providing your guests with a great night out is more important now than ever.

During a recession people tend to spend more time scrutinizing where their money goes, so it is imperative that they leave 100% satisfied.

Making sure that the food is hot, and the beer is cold is standard practice but getting repeat customers is more complicated than that.

Most restaurants and bars spend endless hours perfecting the menu, getting the right mix of beer, wine and cocktails but fail to focus on the sights and sounds that are helping boost the guest experience and increase how much time they are at your establishment.

That is a huge mistake.

The opportunity to get more engagement (and dollars) out of your guests is something that every establishment needs to be striving for – how can you make that happen? Use the audio/video assets that you already have!

Control Play has been doing this for 3000 happy subscribers for over 15 years. As a fully automated guest experience software you can let the experts do the heavy lifting while you focus on other areas of your business.

Having alternative content to sports on your TV’s is essential to making EVERY guest happy because assuming that 100% of your guests are there to watch the game is dangerous.

Once we have their attention by playing music videos the opportunity to promote your theme nights, specials and other promotions are infinite.

Our average subscriber sees a 5% increase in revenue month over month. 


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Matt McDermott

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