Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Basic Music Streaming Services in Your Venue

Background music can tend to fall to the back of priorities for bar and restaurant owners—but creating the right vibe for your crowd is still a major component of designing the ideal guest experience. It’s possible to give guests some real “wow” moments by playing the right playlists at the right time for the right people.

Many options exist today to provide background music for bars and restaurants, so how do you know which one is right for your business? Basic, cheap services will give you a billion songs to choose from, sure, but they’ll also force you to do all the work of playlist creation, scheduling, licensing, maintaining your hardware, and adding new music to avoid repetition. That’s a lot of work for an already busy manager/owner.

Control Play is a fully optimized, innovative service for digital audio/video experiences designed specifically for the food and beverage industry. We provide HD music videos, data-driven playlists, and digital signage in a dedicated player with complete access to our creative team, tech support, and professional music mixologists to help craft the experience.

Ultimately, it’s just not worth settling for less—here are 6 quick reasons why:

1. Playing to the crowd

Anyone can pick up Spotify, Pandora, etc. for their business, but Control Play is built specifically for restaurants and bars. We wouldn’t expect the same soundtrack to play at your venue as you’d hear in a dentist’s office or gas station.

Our specialized playlists come pre-loaded in each of our players so you can easily access the kind of vibes you need for whatever time of day. Patio music, Game Day soundtracks, Nostalgic throwbacks, Ladies Night jams, and Happy Hour tunes are just a few of the many kinds of playlists already built in. Of course, it’s easy to request any sort of playlists you’d like from our Music Mixologist Team or create them yourself. It’s as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like.

The software makes it easy to schedule different vibes for different dayparts, as well. Got a crowd coming in for lunch who want to hear the classics, but need a modern, party vibe at happy hour? You can schedule the exact transition points at the time you need, or just call our team and have them schedule it for you.

Tens of thousands of hours are put into the meta data of each playlist and song choice. We add new music daily, and the software organizes appropriate songs into the right playlists because of the work the team puts in. This is what we mean by data-driven playlists. It makes things easy, yet so targeted and perfect.

2. Safety and assurance

Other streaming services rely on your own hardware—whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer—which comes with its own set of problems. If anything happened like hacking, malware, or even just internet disconnection, it can cause serious issues to your business.

With a subscription to Control Play, however, we send you dedicated hardware that’s designed only for streaming our music videos, playlists, and digital signage. This means no one can hack into the system that holds your business’ valuable information. It also downloads and updates itself automatically to prepare for offline capabilities. So, if the internet does cut out, the music keeps playing like nothing ever happened.

3. Save yourself the headache of music licensing

Having written a ton on the topic myself, I know the many complications regarding music licensing for bars and restaurants. While we can’t cover you for live performances, DJ’s, karaoke and the like, we do provide the option to fully cover your background licensing fees.

Without getting into too much detail on the matter (specifics can be found here), there are basically two kinds of copyright licenses restaurants and bars need to be aware of. Background music falls in the category of “Public Performance” and music that’s performed by cover bands, karaoke, and DJ’s are licensed in the “Foreground” category.

Instead of paying the 4 or 5 different Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) for each song you want played, let Control Play add it to your subscription to save you the headache.

4. Restricted access

Your music should be suited to your guests’ tastes, not those of your staff. The ability to restrict your staff’s access to the music and entertainment is a benefit few but Control Play can offer.

With the ability to restrict or grant access to however many staff members you’d like, you are in complete control of your venue’s environment. 

5. Remote management

The Control Play software can be accessed through any web browser from anywhere in the world. If you’re running multiple locations, all of them can be accessed from our system.

Got a scheduling change you need implemented across a ton of these locations? Give a quick call or email to our Creative Team explaining what you want and we’ll do it for you!

6. HD music videos and digital signage

Our service includes everything you’ll need for your screens in one complete package. If you’re really looking to modernize your guest experience, upgrading your bar or restaurant to music videos is the way to go.

Not only are they consistently the most watched videos on YouTube, meaning you'll be catering to your guests with content they want to consume, but music videos can be used strategically in tandem with digital signage. Providing entertainment people pay attention to means more eyes on your screens. More eyes on your screens means more effective digital signage ads.

With Control Play, you can promote menu items, special events, social media pages and more, using either the pre-made templates our player comes loaded with, uploading your own graphics, or requesting custom signage from our Creative Team.

Don't Settle for Less

Designing a guest experience that exceeds expectations is a goal every business should be focusing on in the food and beverage industry. Why rely on an impersonal, unspecific, and clunky music streaming app when you can get an all-in-one, innovative, data-driven service that's designed specifically for your industry? Modernize your music and wow guests with Control Play.

Kevin Avram

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