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With Control Play, every song on your playlist is the right song for your customers and your brand.

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Music or Music Video?


Better playlists mean better business in bars and restaurants. Control Play has one focus—providing bars and restaurants like yours with optimal music playlists. Each playlist is tailored to create the right atmosphere so your customers will want to visit more often and stay longer.

Music Video

Use your TVs to enhance your brand experience with music video playlists. Music videos are proven to evoke the strongest emotional response and will keep guests coming back, staying longer and visiting more often. Better playlists mean better business for you!

Playlist People

  • On-demand music mixology team with extensive musical expertise curate unlimited playlists
  • Exclusive playlist technology ensures your music fits your vibe, lyric and genre parameters
  • Quick and easy creation of signature playlists for multiple dayparts, zones, and locations
  • Automatic playlist updates with new music so you never hear the same sequence of songs twice
  • Smart playlist builder walks you step-by-step through custom list process to create a custom template in less than 5 minutes

The Library

  • We handle the music licensing, so you don’t have to
  • Every song is categorized by vibe, mood, feel, energy, beats-per-minute (BPM), and segmentation
  • DJ-quality mixes include volume normalization and smooth transition points
  • Daily new music and rapid playlist updates keep things fresh
  • High-quality, color-corrected video files offer an optimal video experience
  • Proprietary rating system lets you know if a track is family-friendly or contains adult themes or language
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Customize your signature sound with our easy-to-use system, offering full remote management.

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Choose from music and music videos curated specifically for bars and restaurants, spanning every decade, genre and energy level.

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Get the most out of your entertainment solution with exceptional customer service.


Find out why Control Play is the fastest growing music, music video and digital signage system.

Sports Bars

Become THE place for sports. Design playlists that pump up your customers, and use your TVs to boost in-house promotions and enhance the atmosphere—before, during and after the game. 

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Neighborhood Bars

Select your music to fit the changing crowds, energy levels and dayparts and see just how easy it is to use TVs to promote your bar and give your entertainment a new twist. 

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Casual Dining

Create a vibe all your own with custom-built playlists for your restaurant. We'll work with you to choose music videos and digital signage that compliment your music selection and engage your customers. 

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Your songs are just as important as your suds. We help you build the perfect handpicked sound for your pub and keep things interesting with digital signage so your guests stay longer. 

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