Music and Music Videos Just for Your Bar or Restaurant’s Unique Brand


A generic playlist just won’t do. Our team of experts curate personalized handpicked music just for your unique brand.

Control Play’s music and music video systems for bars and restaurants are engineered using technology exclusive to Control Play. Not only is the system intuitive for ease of use, but it’s created to continuously deliver your playlists. You’ll never be caught without music due to buffering or system glitches.



Our support team gets you set-up and running. From there, our music mixology team will set up a music consultation to create a customized recipe for your unique sound and business goals.

Our system programs your playlists according to parameters set just for your bar or restaurant:

  • Genre
  • Beats Per Minute and Energy Level
  • Ratings (Mom-approved)
  • Artists
  • Create unlimited playlists for different dayparts, themes, events, and multiple locations.

Access to our Music Experts and Support Team is always included as part of your subscription, and our team is real people who work out of our London, Ontario, headquarters.

Ready to tap into the power of the playlist?

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