Keep Guests Around Long After the Final Play

Create a guest experience that sets your sports bar apart with playlists that will make your crowd go wild.

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We Know Sports Bars

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Select from curated playlists that get the crowd going—and keep them going—long after the final whistle blows. 

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Use your TVs to promote and enhance your atmosphere before during and after the game with customizeable digital signage. 

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Roll with the constantly changing crowds using our technology and bar industry expertise and play the right music at the right time for the right guests. 

Music & Music Video

We handle the music licensing, so you don’t have to.

The Most Extensive HD Library Available: Our HD Video Library is formatted for 16:9 widescreen TVs and projectors in a high-quality resolution. We up-scaled the classics and included all available HD titles to provide your customers with the best entertainment experience available.

The Jukebox Has Gone Social.

Once you’re set up with myJAM, your patrons have the power to influence what songs get played, right from their smartphone using our custom App. Guests pick songs within your guidelines. Every time your customers share their favorite JAM, all their Facebook friends know they’re at your venue and can link directly to your brand.

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myJAM music mobile application

Digital Signage

Control Play’s marketing and design experts are available to help you create customized content and a personalized delivery plan to meet your individual business needs, goals and branding requirements.

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Control Play can be set up to run on your own hardware, or you can choose from one of our guaranteed and reliable hardware options.

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