Pricing for Signature, Professional, and Enterprise Plans




Get the best Music Video service for your bar or restaurant.

All plans include a guaranteed reliable Control Play Player with Offline Mode, technical support by chat, phone, or email, and the most advanced custom bar and restaurant experience with Remote Control access. 

Each plan also includes unlimited customization support with our Playlist, Creative and Technical teams over chat, phone or email.


✅ Playlist Engine enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, designed to learn from real Human Curation — which translates into a truly unique brand experience hand-crafted for your customers.
✅ Artist, song, and infotainment/promotion — with advanced professional radio-programming techniques to ensure no repeats.
✅ Automatic DJ-quality cross-fading with human-set transition points for better than seamless transitions between content. 
✅ Volume Normalization and EQ designed for the unique environments of bars and restaurants.
✅ Day Parting — breaks your days up to match your guest demographic and maps to your guest experience.
✅ Infotainment/promotion injection — timely customer messaging injected into the playlist or scheduled for specific times of day to guarantee high precision and engagement.
✅ No silence, full offline playback, so the experience is never interrupted, guaranteed.
✅ Fine-grained control of Energy Level and BPM (beats per minute) ensures that you map the perfect vibe to the guest experience.
✅ Music Video Library built for your bar or restaurant type — including Sports Bars, Neighborhood Bars, Games/Eater-tainment venues, Pubs/BrewPubs, and Casual Dining Restaurants.
✅ The largest library of full HD content, with hot new songs downloaded automatically to your device, every day.
✅ Signature Video Playlists — designed to match common day-parts and customer demographics throughout your specific bar or restaurant type.
✅ Themed Video Playlists — designed for unique special events like Christmas Parties, St. Patty’s Day, Church Groups, and many, many more.
✅ Digital Signage Library — hundreds of stock promotions and messages that are drop-in ready.
✅ Instant Video Text Messaging — allows you to create on-the-spot messaging to capitalize on the moment.
✅ Scheduling & Day-Parting — the most advanced control of what plays and when, from playlists to volume changes.
✅ Remote Control Access on your phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world.
✅ Dedicated Hardware Player with On-Site Service and Remote Technical Support
✅ $299 one-time activation fee
$129 per month per location





✅ Everything from the Signature Plan, plus:
✅ Custom Music Video Library — hand-selected for your venue by our Playlist Team.
✅ Custom Video Playlists — built and fully managed by our Playlist Team.
✅ Managed Scheduling & Day-Parting — so you don't have to worry about the right stuff playing at the right time.
✅ Advanced Video Display Layout Options — allows for multiple “layers” and “layouts” of on-screen content, which create an immersive and custom branded display.
✅ Full Playlist Control - add/reorder/remove items on the Now Playing playlist.
✅ Enforce song and video blocks based on content ratings and specific artist names.
✅ Explicit lyrics and explicit visuals filter — keep things squeaky clean all day and turn on "grown-up mode" after a certain time, if you wish.
✅ Restricted Access allows you to set multiple levels of Player access for your staff.
✅ Full transparency of every item that plays through available play logs.
✅ $299 one-time activation fee
$179 per month per location





✅ Everything from the Premium Plan, plus:
✅ Custom Music Library — thousands of hand-selected audio songs designed to enrich the Music Video Library. Especially useful when looking for older genres that don't have a deep backlog of Music Videos.
✅ Custom Video Content (Digital Signage) Library — produced and scheduled by our Creative Team.
✅ Up to 5 hours of production studio time per month from the Creative Team.
$249 per month per location





✅ Custom solution including all features from other plans, plus:
✅ Multi-location management from the global, national, regional, and local levels.
✅ Service Level Agreement
✅ Custom Contract Pricing
✅ Multi-venue discounts
Custom Pricing

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