Leverage Your Existing Digital Real Estate to Increase Sales.

The secret to effective digital signage is to incorporate your marketing messages into your entertainment offerings and playlists. This is especially relevant when trying to create a compelling infotainment strategy with your TVs to generate additional revenues for your business. For this reason, the Control Play network is dedicated to providing music, music videos, and digital signage solutions exclusively to companies where the bar is the hub of the business.

We provide you with an inventory of stock Control Play digital signage content designed specifically for hospitality environments. You also benefit from industry leading management software that creates the vibe you want for your dayparts. The net result is excellent playlists with relevant messages that influence your customers’ buying decisions. Combine this with our easy to use scheduling software and you are ready to get started!

Not sure if an Infotainment solution is the right thing for your business? Complete the form and download our thought-provoking guide Utilize Your TVs to Generate Revenue to see studies and learn more about how Infotainment can help grow your business.

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