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We stand by the notion of “your success is our success”. The controlPLAY team spends every day ensuring that our Subscribers are receiving the best service possible – but don’t take our word for it! Here is what some of our valued clients had to say about their experience with controlPLAY…

Sports Bar Case Study: Wacky Wings

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“Control Play is getting peoples’ attention. Customers have said they come back to Bright Side just because of the music videos. I just love controlPLAY! It’s a great system that people just love!”

Bright Side Tavern

“If you are looking for a flexible system with superb support look no further than controlPLAY. It has all of the features of any competitor and more, with an unbelievable price.”

Walk-On’s Enterprises

“Since we’ve made the switch from our old music provider, our music and atmosphere is noticeably better. The variety of music we get, and the ease of working with the Control Play system are awesome. It’s really allowed us to achieve and articulate the music program we want and execute different dayparts without a flaw.”


Two12 Social Co.

“Called for service on Saturday night after 9pm and was fixed right up. Your tech support rocks!”


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