Spirits Lounge, a hotel bar located in a Holiday Inn in Fargo, North Dakota, had a problem—plenty of guests but no real way to entertain them effectively.

Managers and staffers fumbled with clunky music channels through their TV cable provider, constantly guessing what patrons wanted to hear. There just wasn’t a good solution for what they wanted to do—advertise, play music and music videos that would resonate with guests and provide optimal dinner entertainment.

They knew they needed something better—something that could keep up with the ever-changing atmosphere and crowd. That something was Control Play.


From Data to Delight

Spirits Lounge looked at a lot of other solutions, but like the classic Goldilocks tale, none of them were just right—until they found Control Play. Control Play stood out from the sea of endless music solutions. Between the pricing, the programming, the ease of use and the capability of running their own ads on the program, Spirits Lounge was sold and found a solution that was the perfect fit.

Every Day. Every Time.

One Entertainment Solution.

Control Play uses countless hours worth of data to build playlists from a massive music library full of anything from oldies to the most current hits both in music video and playlist form. Add to that advertising capabilities, and Control Play could deliver everything Spirits Lounge was looking for and more.

Since adopting Control Play, Spirits Lounge has found uses for all facets of the solution. During themed nights, Spirits Lounge can set tailor made, DJ-quality playlists that match—from throwbacks on Wednesdays and Thursdays to Western Tuesdays—and keep the same schedule every week without needing to change a thing. And, Control Play helped them advertise their theme nights through customizable advertisements they could plug right in and show throughout the evening.


The Perks

The ease of use and countless playlist options have cut down on the time spent trying to guess what guests want to listen to and managers fiddling with multiple systems. And with seamless integration into their current system, they could implement Control Play instantly. Best of all? Since Spirits Lounge is located in a hotel, the banquet hall also uses Control Play playlists for parties and holidays.

Now, with better entertainment in place, they’re seeing more satisfied guests which translates into a better bottom line and an increase in ROI. Spirits Lounge cites their biggest advantage now is scheduling themed evenings ahead of time, running their daily features with ease and satisfying their always-evolving customer base. With an even 50/50 split of regulars, mostly an agricultural market, and business travelers, they have the option to do something different and meet the preferences of both types of audiences. The ability to play whatever they want and deliver the best mix possible has entertained and surprised their regulars and kept their business traveler crowd coming back for more.


“We love it. It’s been a really nice experience and there’s times where we can set it and forget it, or if we want to, we can customize it and do what we want to do. Overall, it’s been a great purchase for our establishment.”

- Spirits Lounge GM, Mike Prekel


Spirits succeeded with Control Play—So can you!

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