Background Music is Boring. 😴

Everyone is
doing it.

Are you ready to differentiate
your bar or restaurant?

Ok, cool! 😎

You don't want to be like
every other bar or
restaurant on the block.
We ❤️ that.

You know your customer's expectations have changed. You know they live in a highly engaging, visual world. You want your brand experience to exceed their expectations. We ❤️ that too!

The answer is

If you’re wondering how to differentiate yourself from other bars and restaurants who are all playing the same basic background music,
Video is one of the best tools you have now to build your brand experience—we make it easy and beautiful. 😍

Control Play
upgrades your boring
background music
to a modern
Video Experience 🎉

with music videos and
custom video content (digital signage),
designed specifically for bars and restaurants.

Video killed the radio star...
and Background Music.

Today’s bar and restaurant guests expect an experience. So you spend big on décor, a unique and relevant menu, and the best staff. But even the best background music is still stuck in the background, failing to contribute to your guest experience - and in many cases, detracting from it. 

A Custom Guest Experience

Control Play creates custom video entertainment to match your custom and unique guest experience. Your custom video playlists are dynamic and handcrafted for you—and no one else.

Harness the Power of Video

To create a truly modern and exciting guest experience, we mix music video and custom video content (digital signage) into custom video playlists made for your bar or restaurant.

Easy & Friction Free

You have enough to do—stop picking songs, scheduling playlists, and still hearing customers (and staff) complain about the music. We make it easy so you can focus on delighting your customers.


Music Videos accounted for almost a Quarter of ALL music consumption in 2017.

And it's on the rise thanks to YouTube and today’s youth.

Music Videos are produced and released in lock-step with the audio releases—and sometimes before, so you don't have to wait for the hottest 🔥 new music to be playing in your bar or restaurant.



We create YOUR perfect look & sound. 👌

For over 15 years, the Control Play team has used human-curated music, music video and custom video content (digital signage), perfectly mixed together with the most advanced technology and deep understanding of bars and restaurants.

We help you to create your custom guest experience and then work tirelessly to ensure that it stays modern and relevant, along with the rest of your business.

See it in action with a Live Demo


We are real people
with real experience
creating video entertainment
for bars and restaurants,
every day.

✅ We don’t expect you to be a music expert or know which songs to play.
✅ We don’t expect you to know how to build a playlist, or how to create a mood with musical tempo, style, genre, theme, energy, or beats per minute.
✅ We don’t expect you to know how to create captivating digital signage which integrates into the entertainment.
✅ We don’t expect you to have the time to manage and schedule day-parts to maximize your entertainment value.
✅ We don’t expect you to be a technical genius.

Three simple steps to get the most advanced Video for bars and restaurants.

Playlist Team


Let’s get to know each other. 

Meet the Playlist Team. They will handcraft your Control Play Video and give you a live demo before you ever buy or commit to anything.

Support Team


Setup & Integration. 

Meet the Support Team. They will build and ship your custom video player and walk you through setup and integration into your venue, every step of the way.

People in restaurant with tvs


On-going Review & Management.

Once Control Play is set up and you’re happy with the look and sound, we will work in the background to keep it up-to-date and check in with you periodically to make adjustments.

Your guest experience is too important to run from a cell phone. 📵

Don’t risk it when you get that next phone call or text message.

Control Play provides everything you need including a rock-solid and reliable dedicated hardware player that delivers the highest quality video entertainment, with technology your phone just can’t match.

See it in action with a Live Demo

🔀 Automatic DJ-quality cross-fading for better than seamless transitions between content.

🔊 Volume Normalization and EQ designed for the unique environments of bars and restaurants.

❌ No silence, full offline playback, so the experience is never interrupted, guaranteed.

🎶 The largest library of full HD content with hot new stuff downloaded automatically to your device, every day.

Oh and BTW... you can still remote control it from your phone, from anywhere in the world. 😉

REAL human support is just a phone call, text, chat, or email away.

It seems hard to believe in this crazy world of computer bots pretending to be humans that you can still get real human support - but it’s true. 🙏

Our Playlist, Creative, and Technical Support teams are based in our HQ and we love to help - 24/7 - because we get it that your guest entertainment is a critical part of your success.

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Money isn't the key to happiness - but we think Video is! 🤑

Control Play isn't going to be the cheapest way to add music to your bar or restaurant.

However, we are very competitive for adding Video, with simple pricing starting at $159/month. And with a full satisfaction guarantee, month to month service, and zero contract lock-in; you only pay while we deliver the best Video experience for your bar or restaurant. 

If we ever stop delivering, canceling Control Play is just a click away.

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Try Control Play for 30 days and see what we can do for your bar or restaurant.

No contract. Cancel any time... you won’t - but doesn’t it feel good to know you could!?

Give us a few minutes to get to know you and your business. Then we'll get to work on your custom video entertainment. Don’t worry, it’s completely free - and you’re going to love what we come up with! 😊