About Control Play

We help fun, growing businesses create and control their vibe by providing the technology and content to effortlessly craft engaging guest experiences.

The Story So Far…

Our beginnings trace back to 2004 when a small group of music nerds launched our software and services with a core focus – helping subscribers create innovative guest experiences through the power of entertainment.


Over the years, much has changed. We’ve embraced incredible technological advancements that have expanded how we entertain and engage guests across visual, audio, and digital channels.


But throughout our evolution, that same core focus has remained unchanged. We’re still driven by our passion for leveraging entertainment to help our clients deliver unforgettable guest experiences that drive loyalty and revenue.

The Evolution of Control Play/CPTV

It all started with our proprietary software engineered to integrate seamlessly with a vast music library curated specifically for each client’s brand and venue.


Today, our platform incorporates cutting-edge integrations like music videos, digital signage, mobile access, and more. Yet our commitment to providing the most appropriate, consistent, and entertaining playlists tailored to each business we serve has stayed the same.

The TV screens, speakers, and technology may look different today, but our mission remains:

“Helping fun, growing businesses Create & Control their Vibe”

We attribute this longevity and growth to never being satisfied. We are constantly evolving our solutions and services based on new technologies and the possibilities they bring.


Our obsession with excellence stems from a belief that the guest experience is everything. We want to enable businesses to go beyond transactional encounters to foster meaningful connections that make people feel something.

Create Unforgettable Experiences Today

It’s time to Create & Control Your Vibe with Control Play, you can easily enhance your brand experience to drive loyalty and revenue.